Floyd Mayweather: Illiterate?

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Floyd Mayweather struggles to read a radio promo. Is the boxer illiterate?

Low.... Uncalled for


You sorry sons 'o bi!@#es are wrong. How bout one of you pieces of ish on a stick assist in teaching the man how to read. Why would you support and assist in degrading our celebrities who are showing black success via sport, music, etc. R. Kelly could not read and neither could Fantasia but we should encourage our illiterate celebrities to grow mentally. Suggestion: you could have, as a media outlet, created a media campaign with him and his team to first get Floyd help and then used that as an example to promote the importance of reading and education to our youth instead of promoting peer and community degredation.
Thank you MF.

@ Nonya D. Business

Just because someone never learned to read doesn't mean they are mentally inferior. If a genius never learned to read, the'd still be a genius. Many brilliant people never learned to read, have had learning disabilities, have gone to inferior schools or dropped out. It doesn't mean that they're stupid or have low I.Q.'s. Your suggestion though that they do a media campaign is a good one. There use to be a lot of public announcements on television that spoke about where to go if you wanted to learn to read. Most schools offer adult reading classes at night. Public announcements were very big in the 1970's through 1990's. We saw a decline around the time of Bush II. It's time celebrities support education and donate their time to Public Announcements for adult education. Contact people like R. Kelly, Fantasia, Oprah, Steven Spielberg, George Cloony, etc.., Many celebrities would be happy to do something like what you suggested.

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