American Idol Winner: Announced!

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Who won American Idol Season 11? Watch this video and listen for the name Ryan Seacrest calls out!

Phillip have a unique voice and all the cotestant have a unique voice but the quality and stantandard and good altitude , unique and talented voice is for Jessica Sanchez. More power to Phillip , and i hope he doing good for the music and hered from diffrent radio. Coz other American Idol winner i dont here anything and see it on MTV music award .. ??? always the 1sr runner up to become TOP in the sense of Music busines.. i dont get it.. The winner of American I dol supposssssed to see it in MTV new music award etc.


I do not undrstand what's going on the American Idol show , coz theirs a lot problem and gozzzzip and always the winner people say "WRONG "vote . Why? may be because some of the winners have a good impact to the audience but quality standard long performance i guez are not important to the people whose on time for voting. , but i think mostly choose the 1st runner up because the altitude and good performance is on the 1st runner up to make sense of music business and to grow..


I love Idol but without Simon it will never be the same . this will dniefitely be the downfall of American Idol just watch. They should have offered him the moon to get him to stay ..he's wonderful and really knows his stuff .. he can seem harsh to some I know but he doesn't waste anytime . he tells it like it is. Losing Simon is really going to be tough on the show and everyone who has been watching it for the past nine years . So very sorry to see this happen . Love you Simon!


I was so thrilled and crying when phillip phillips name was called announcing he was the new idol .I never watched idol before this season i am so glad i watched this season and cant wait for the next one to start. People in canada should be able to vote i tried but couldnt get through// Love you phullip


The title should go to Jessica. But she is not American.


Philip wins because Hes american... and the title of the contest is American Idol... obviously :)


Phillip Phillips is AMAZING!!!! he has a unique voice and is very talented! America was right!!!! Jessica was good but she was just to proud with her work and had an attitude saying she was all that!! Phillip was confident and was the opposite he thought he wasn't good enough but he was!!!! Team Phillip


Big mistake in the histroy of American idol!!! He shouldn't win . jesica is much much talented!! Shame on America!!


One descriptive word: The most sensuous voice of the season.

Carol worth

Congratulations to Phillip! He was RIGHT! The bottom line: "It IS all about the MUSIC!" ~0;-D

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Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

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