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Adam Lambert stars in this video for "Better Than I Know Myself." Actually, two Adam Lamberts star in it, really. Watch now!

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this song makes me cry and to sing with it


today i finished renidag this book wow, it had me all day changing the ending in my head as I read chapter through chapter, in some parts i wanted to punch adam in the gut and in other part i wanted to punch miaXD, but it's amazing:333 read it!!


I love Adam and anything he sings . 'Better than I know my self' I love this songs ... :D


I love adam so much n what he did everything !! I love you adam


I love adam lambert so much. Adam is the one of the best singing talents. Better than i know myself is my fav song.... Adam


I love Adam Lambert!


I love Adam Lambert so much and his BTIKM music video was beyond amazing! Can't wait til May 15th for Trespassing to drop! :)


Adam is one of the best singing talents. His video rocked.


i love adam lambert so much i love everything he does and hes vidio is so awsome and better than i know myself is my favioute song in the world xxxxx


I love adam and anything he sings

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