16 and Pregnant Trailer

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MTV's trailer for the new season of 16 and Pregnant. Drama is gonna be off the chain in the fourth season.

Mackenzie was pregnant before, pretty far along and lost her baby his name was Oakley I believe


I just think that it's so annoying how when they get pregnant they don't realize they need to grow up, and be a parent to their child. It's not about them anymore, it's about their baby. So they shouldn't complain about how they can't party, or hang with friends, or go out. To bad, you are the one who got yourself into that whole situation. Take some responsibility for your actions. I'm no one to judge, no one is. But honestly if your gonna have sex there's a chance you will get pregnant. So don't get all pissed. Grow up. If those girls don't want a kid and thing it's gonna be to hard or are just plain not ready, give your kid up for adoption so they can have a great life with people who will take the time out to be a parent to them. It's not all fun and games, you either have sex carefully with the right protection. Or have unprotected sex and have the chance of getting pregnant. But don't complain if you do, it was your choice to have sex in the first place.

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