Say hello to Jennifer Toof. She's also known simply as "Toastee." Either way, this former Flavor of Love girl has made a naked name for...

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Now that VH-1 has premiered its latest reality show/Sign of the Apocalypse, I Love Money, The Hollywood Gossip staff feels the need to welcome one of its stars back into the spotlight:

We missed you, Toastee Toof!

The former Flavor of Love contestant and sex tape star also goes by the simpler moniker of "Toastee." Don't bother wondering why.

Just accept Toastee Toof for who she is and click on the following photos of this reality TV sensation to fully appreciate her in all her naked, head-scissoring glory:

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Who said making a sex tape is bad for your career?

Okay, no one. Certainly not Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian nor Keeley Hazell.

Now, the latest quasi celebrity to prove that getting railed on camera can only lead to fame and fortune (are you listening, Lauren Conrad?) is Jennifer "Toastee" Toof. The former Flavor of Love contestant is back in the spotlight, as she's set to appear on VH1 reality show I Love Money.

The incredible reality show takes stars that have proven themselves immune to shame and pits them against each other for wads of cash. Joining Toof are other desperate to enjoy a 16th minute of fame, such as Heather Chadwell, Megan Hauserman and someone named Pumkin.

In case you've forgotten about Toastee Toof, here's a photo montage of the sex tape star. Click on any of the images below for a larger, more explicit version...

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As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect and pay tribute to the stars who made this a year to remember. On that note, The Hollywood Gossip is announcing its 10 finalists for its first annual Celebrity of the Year award.

They've given us their best, their worst and, in a more than a few cases, their naked pictures. Now it is time for us to give a little something back with this special feature, because without these celebrities, we are nothing.

We previously profiled attention-starved rich people from The Hills at #6. Now, without further delay, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #5 … A slew of celebrity sex tape stars!

While many may remember 2007 as the year the war in Iraq raged on and on, those in the entertainment news world will mark it down as an era during which we were taken from camping out on the front lawns of celebrities... to receiving an up close and personal view of what goes on in their bedrooms.

Indeed, sex tapes came from the likeliest of sources (Keeley Hazell) to the nerdiest (Dustin Diamond) and most enterprising (Ray J, below).

Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Sex Tape

With that in mind, we present the 2007 Celebrity Sex Tape Awards:

  • Most Career Enhancing: Kim Kardashian. Paris Hilton's former BFF learned from the master. Getting reamed by Ray J has led to a reality TV show and a spot atop the celebrity gossip world for this socialite.
  • Least Surprising: Amy Fisher. She shot her former lover's wife in the face. After that, nothing could really surprise us.
  • Most Explicit: Olivia Mojica. The former American Idol contestant didn't possess the singing ability to go far on the country's most popular reality show. So Mojica chose to show us her other, more hard core talents as punishment for not voting for her.
  • Sex Tape Featuring Least Famous and Least Attractive Girl: Jennifer Toof. Or Toastee Toof. This former Flavor of Love girl was so unknown at the time of her video's release that we still aren't sure what to call her.
  • Best Attempt at a Sex Tape: Vanessa Hudgens and Katie Rees (tie). Sorry, ladies, but it takes more than naked photos to be counted in this group.
  • Most Exciting, Untrue Sex Tape Rumors: Lauren Conrad and Britney Spears (tie). Maybe next year we'll experience the real thing. Speaking of which...
  • Sex Tape Star We Most Hope to Write About in 2008: Hayden Panettiere. What? She's 18 now. It's okay if we admit this.

Behind Those Hazell Eyes

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We came thisclose to having no Jennifer Toof nude sex scenes ever gracing our television set.

Fortunately, confusion over just whose hand was slapping the backside of this former Flavor of Love 2 contestant has been settled. Therefore, as TMZ proudly reports, the Toof sex tape lives on. Perhaps we should elaborate.

The celebrity gossip blog states that that the soon-to-be-released celebrity sex tape featuring "Toastee" from the aforementioned VH1's reality show was temporarily shelved after an old boyfriend, calling himself "Jeffrey," was convinced that it was his hand smacking the star's tush in an earlier released.

As David Hans Schmidt can attest to, D-list porn is more complicated than it first seems.

According to sources close the controversy, "Jeffrey" claims that when he heard the slapper's voice, he became certain that the mystery hand providing the love tap belonged to him. Naturally, this man then contacted his attorney, who demanded that Vivid, the company distributing the tape, stop production on Toastee Exposed.

However, "Jeffrey" was shown an extended version of the clip and realized he was as mistaken as anyone who thought Suri Cruise didn't exist.

Turns out the sex tape co-star in question was Ray J. Just kidding! But it definitely wasn't "Jeffrey." This fool then apologized for the error, adding: "Toastee and I did have some spanking good times, though."

Shockingly, though, Toastee Toof and at least one other guy also did.

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Mo'Nique has to pick up her game.

The host of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School is faced with the task of turning women with less than perfect manners into models of decorum.

In other words: the opposite of oral sex-loving Lily Allen.

So far, so not too good for Mo'Nique, however. One contestant from the show has already made a sex tape, in which a very nude Jennifer Toof holds little back.

Now, Larissa Aurora (aka "Bootz") is almost baring it all in a racy new calendar. 

While neither gal would win the title of Miss Manners, you can decide which should be Miss Hottie. Or does Holly Madison nude automatically win that award?

Of course, Carmella DeCesare is doing what she can to make that a close vote. Don't forget to let us know your take on that battle, as well.

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Sadly, Toastee Exposed is not available to horny men just yet.

But viewers hoping to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Toof nude needn't spend money on any sex tapes. We've got a few photos across our site.

Mena Suvari and Simone Sestito

We've also got a celebrity who looks suspiciously like this former Flavor of Love girl: Mena Suvari. Remember her? This young actress starred in American Pie, American Beauty ... and pretty much nothing since.

But she may be starring in the dreams of men around the world now. After all, these pictures are at least a nice diversion from Amy Winehouse, right?

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We know all Hollywood gossip fans out there have been clamoring for a celebrity sex tape update.

So let's not wait any longer to see what attention-starved, naked females are up to...

Choosing Her Balls

We're officially in the home stretch of your chance to purchase the Kim Kardashian nude escapade, Kim Kardashian Superstar. As reported earlier, and confirmed this week by Vivid Entertainment Group, the video will no longer be shipped to retailers across the country as of May 31.

"After several conversations with Ms. Kardashian we have decided to stop selling the DVD after May 31st," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment. "We have always believed we have the right to sell the tape, but I've made a personal decision to suspend sales."

And the former close pal of Paris Hilton has made a personal decision to accept a $5 million settlement in her lawsuit against the initial distribution. We feel very sorry she was ever put through this.

Meanwhile, Hirsch additionally confirmed that the company has delayed the release of another videoe, Toastee Exposed. Due to legal issues, the title is now tentatively scheduled to arrive in June.

It was supposed to hit stores today, but don't worry horn dogs: you can still see images of Jennifer Toof nude across the Web.

"We expect to have the legal situation with Toastee Exposed resolved soon," Hirsch said.

Shortly after Vivid announced its acquisition of the video starring VH1 reality-show contestant Jennifer "Toastee" Toof (Flavor of Love, Charm School) Red Light District studio sent a cease-and-desist letter claiming that celebrity image broker David Hans Schmidt had already confirmed a first-look deal on the property with RLD.

Lastly, Vivid's national sales manager Howard Levine said the company's planned release of Hardcore Idol, a sex video starring American Idol contestant Olivia Mojica, has also been delayed.

No street date has been set at this time for it. But at least there are Kristine Lefebvre nude Playboy pics you can look through in the meantime.

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The Olivia Mojica sex tape is available today.

But for those who have already purchased the video, or are more interested in pseudo-porn stars that were featured on VH1 reality shows than you are in former American Idol contestants, we've got the pictures you've been waiting for:

Jennifer Toof nude. Or Toastee nude, if you wish to go by the moniker she was given on Flavor of Love.

These are images from the upcoming sex tape Toastee made with her boyfriend. They're even more explicit than the Kim Kardashian and Ray J shots we published a few weeks ago.

We have to place logos of The Hollywood Gossip over Toastee's most private parts, but don't worry: in the actual video, she's as nude as Alaina Alexander trying to get post-American Idol attention. 

Or Kate Moss on pretty much any magazine cover. Go ahead and choose your favorite analogy.

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Those excited about the Olivia Mojica sex tape about to be released now have more naked news to get aroused about:

Toastee Toof, the Flavor of Love 2 vixen who once squeezed men's heads between her legs under the porn star name "Natalia the Scissor Vixen," is releasing out a sex tape called Toastee Exposed.

And unlike the claims made by Dustin Diamond and Kim Kardashian around the times of their sex video leaks, Toof is certainly not denying that she willingly made and released this tape for the public to enjoy.

Toastee's talents - which include the ability to perform the full splits in one jaw-dropping scene - will be on explicit display in Toastee Exposed, the latest discovery from Vivid Entertainment. It was, of course, obtained from celebrity sex tape broker, David Hans Schmidt.

She's also currently one of the women trying to learn manners on the reality TV show, Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.

She's described by Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch as "cute, energetic, and a talented contortionist," and it's clear from the 40-minute video, says Hirsch, that her "enthusiasm for sex is obvious."

We've included a still photo from the video here. While it may not be as revealing as the Kim Kardashian nude images we uncovered off that temptress' sex tape, the background of Toastee promises that plenty more is to come.

Toof got the boot from VH1's Flavor of Love 2 after her career in adult film, including nude modeling while a psych major at Northeastern and some harder-core entertainment, was revealed.

In one film, Toof (who's real first name is Jennifer), had a fetish for clamping craniums between her thighs - hence the "Natalia the Scissor Vixen" stage name. And hence the oral sex pics that may put Antonella Barba blowjob shots to shame.

Toastee Exposed will be released by Vivid on May 16.

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Say hello to Jennifer Toof. She's also known simply as "Toastee." Either way, this former Flavor of Love girl has made a naked name for... More »
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