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March 17 is a day to drink green beer, celebrate the birth of Rob Kardashian and honor those from a wide range of industries.

What could bring a Grey's Anatomy star together with a few politicians, some actors, a game show host and one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history?

St. Patrick's Day, of course!

With an emphasis on the name at the center of this drunken holiday, we're here to raise a glass to famous folks such as Patrick Dempsey, Patrick Stewart, Patrick Henry, and, of course, the Saint whose death started this all.

Who else made the cut? Click through our gallery of famous Patricks now and select your favorite!

17 Celebrities We Love Named Patrick
He's the McDreamiest! Who else could lead this Patrick-inspired photo gallery?
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Patrick Dempsey

1. Patrick Dempsey

He's the McDreamiest! Who else could lead this Patrick-inspired photo gallery?

Patrick Schwarzenegger

2. Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger wins the award for Patrick with the Best Abs.

Patrick Stewart

3. Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart can captain our St. Patrick's Day ship any time!

Patrick Swayze

4. Patrick Swayze

Rest in peace, Patrick Swayze. No one puts you in a corner.

Neil Patrick Harris

5. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is clearly ready to celebrat St. Patrick's Day.

Patrick Wilson

6. Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is one smooth, handsome fella. You did catch him in that Girls episode, right?

Patrick Ewing

7. Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing never won a title with the Knicks. But he remains an all-time great.

Danica Patrick

8. Danica Patrick

Hello there, Danica Patrick! We'd love to toast to St. Patrick's Day with this beauty!

Deval Patrick

9. Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick could one day be President of the United States. You never know!

Robert Patrick

10. Robert Patrick

We'll always remember him for Terminator 2. But Robert Patrick has built up a lengthy, impressive resume.

Saint Patrick

11. Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. He was known as the "Apostle of Ireland" and he died on - you guessed it! - March 17.

Patrick Kennedy

12. Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy does all he can to keep the proud tradition of his famous family alive and well.

Patrick Warburton

13. Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton will forever be remembered as David Puddy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Patrick Sajak

14. Patrick Sajak

Can we buy a vowel, Pat Sajak? Or can we at least call you "Patrick" this one time?

Patrick Henry

15. Patrick Henry

Give him liberty, give him death or give him a spot on this countdown!

Patrick Buchanan

16. Patrick Buchanan

Patrick Buchanan appears here on Meet the Press. He's met a number of controversies in his day.

Patrick Jane

17. Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane may be fictional, but tell us you wouldn't want to drink a green beer with The Mentalist character!

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Patrick Schwarzengger, 19-year-old model, actor, USC freshman and son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, is in pretty good shape apparently.

"Early morning pump!" he captioned the Twitter photo below, followed by, "Who is getting into shape for summer??!! Gonna gain 7 pounds this summer."

Beats the heck out of our 30 minutes a day of cardio. Show-off.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless Photo

Presumably, Patrick Schwarzenegger means packing on seven pounds of muscle, not gaining weight like Rob Kardashian on last night's Keeping Up.

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What do Patrick Schwarzenegger and Justin Bieber have in common?

  1. They can probably pick up more girls than your average 19-year-olds.
  2. They've both threatened to "beat the f--k" out of someone this year!
Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless

Arnold's son got kicked out of a club on Saturday and threatened to "beat the f--k out of the DJ," as seen in a TMZ video of him standing on the street.

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Kristen Stewart has reportedly been turning down the advances of Rupert Sanders.

But quite the opposite is the case when it comes to this actress and Patrick Schwarzenenegger, according to the latest issue of Star.

  • Pic of Patrick Schwarzenegger
  • Kristen Stewart Oscars Look

With Robert Pattinson off shooting a new film in Australia, the tabloid claims Stewart was all over Arnold's 19-year old son at Taylor Lautner's birthday party last month.

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Taylor Swift better be hoping the fidelity apple falls very far from the tree...

According to TMZ sources, the superstar singer spent her Fourth of July getting cozy with Patrick Schwarzenegger, the 18-year old son of a certain ex-governor and housekeeper shagger.

  • Taylor Swift on the Red Carpet
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger Photograph

Smith and Schwarzenegger reportedly hung out with members of the Kennedy family in Massachusetts, at one point taking a walk on the beach… ALONE!

It's unclear what transpired on the stroll, and the status of Taylor and Patrick is up in the air, but the former has certainly never shied away from dating others in the spotlight. Just ask Joe Jonas... or John Mayer... or Jake Gyllenhaal.

The only question remaining in this case: When it comes to Schwarzenegger's rumored embrace, will Swift be back?


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Over the weekend Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of Arnold, Tweeted a photo of himself experiencing a typical teen rite of passage: his senior prom.

The 18-year-old attended with another celebrity offspring, legendary music producer (and American Idol mentor) Jimmy Iovine's daughter Jade Iovine.

Check out their cute Instagram prom photo below:

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Jade Iovine

In addition to being a student, Patrick is a model, aspiring actor and a designer for the charity-driven clothing line Project 360. Not bad for a teenager.

In the pic, classmate Jade, in a white, strapless dress, pins a boutonnière to his tuxedo. He captioned the pic: "Prom with my best friend @jadeiovine."

Then he added "haha yes just friends."

Jade appears to be tight with the entire family. She is also friends with Patrick's older sister Katherine Schwarzenegger and messages her on Twitter.

Iovine is actively involved in the Young Woman's Conference at Brentwood School, which she attends with Patrick, and whose honorary chair is Maria Shriver.

She later wrote about the event for The Huffington Post and talked about how she was bullied growing up. Seems like a nice girl, doesn't she?

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Patrick Schwarzenegger, 17, is the new face of Hudson Jeans.

It's not his face that will be distracting motorists, however.

The son of estranged couple Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver shows some serious skin for the denim brand's Fall 2011 campaign on this billboard:

Patrick Schwarzenegger Pic

Patrick Schwarzenegger overlooks Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

While the high school senior appeared solo in the shot, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's daughter, Georgia May Jagger, also models for the brand.

Despite signing with L.A. Models, Patrick's priority is a traditional education. He and Maria have already been visiting colleges this summer.

He tweeted, "Just visited Harvard. Great college but I'm not adding it to the list. Stanford, USC, Penn, Georgetown are my tops for now."

Wherever he goes, the older brother of Christopher and younger brother of Christina and Katherine Schwarzenegger should be quite popular.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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