Mary Carey is a porn star with very big breasts. She's relevant to the celebrity gossip world because Mariah Carey sued her over her...

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First, she went down on numerous men in adult movies.

Then, she went down in the California gubernatorial race, eventually won by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But porn star Mary Carey is once again running for public office. On November 4, she'll be on the ballot for the California State Assembly in District 43.

In a statement, Carey revealed exactly what she hopes to accomplish with this gesture:

I have always loved politics and know that the State Assembly would be a better position to begin my career in politics. I want to energize people into caring about local politics again �" much like we've seen in the national primaries.

But unlike one of the presidential primary contenders, I'm actually a politician you'd want to get screwed by!

Tell that to Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, Mary.

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Mary Carey once ran for governor of California.

Somehow, though, that isn't the weirdest action this porn star has taken in the last couple years: the adult film actress is now responsible for a stocking stuffer less appealing than naked Heather Mills pictures:

Carey is auctioning off autographed copies of her recently removed breast implants. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own pieces of silicon that have touched more men that Lindsay Lohan.

Sold via eBay, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these fine Mary Carey implants will benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Mary Carey isn't the most creative adult film actress in the world.

For Halloween, the porn star dressed as, well, a porn star.

Come on, Mary, you can do better than this. Just look at Jenna Jameson. She's been dressed as a skeleton for months now; now that's dedication to the holiday!

No wonder you lost the governor race in California.

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That was a close one. Fortunately, singer Mariah Carey has proudly defended the honor of her unique name.

Well Red

The narrow-minded star has successfully sued porn star Mary Carey in order to halt the use of her similar sounding name. A judge has decided the naked wonder - born as Mary Ellen Cook - may no longer go by the moniker that jump started her sex-crazed career in 2002.

And not a second too soon, either!

Fans across the globe were constantly confusing the washed up singer who can't possibly compete with Britney Spears for attention with the pornographic actress that ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor.

The lawsuit was almost as logical as the recent age discrimination case brought against Donald Trump and The Apprentice.

There are no reports, however, of Mariah taking Eminem to court over allegations that her boned her rotten. We think we know why.

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Ah, the life of a porn star. If you're Kendra Jade, you're stuck with a tiny K-Fed problem.

If you're Mary Carey, you've got a mostly washed up singer on your worn out behind. Indeed, Mariah Carey is trying to block the porn star from trademarking her similar-sounding stage name, saying that fans could get the two performers confused.

Nick and Mariah

We hear Suri Cruise and Margaret Cho often have the same problem.

But the adult film actress, whose real name is Mary Cook, said on Friday that she would not be intimidated by the international superstar and will press forward with her trademark application.

"I'm ready to battle Mariah over this because I've been Mary Carey for a long time," Mary Carey said. "It's kind of funny because I'm a porn star and I've been being myself for a long time. I think she's being silly."

For someone who's been on her back more than Lindsay Lohan, the woman does make a point.

The star of such films as Double Air Bags 11 and Boobsville Sorority Girls, she started using the stage name Mary Carey in 2002 and once ran for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger, filed the trademark papers earlier this year.

In October, a lawyer for Mariah Carey sent Mary Carey's representatives a letter threatening legal action if she did not withdraw the application.

"Mary Carey and Marian Carey share the identical surname and have first names that are very similar," attorney Robert Becker wrote. And in part because the porn star was seeking the trademark for audio and video recordings, he said, "Confusion between your client and her Mary Carey trademark and our client and its Mariah Carey trademark is therefore likely."

Becker also demanded that Mary Carey use her name only for "adult entertainment" and that she not sing or perform music.

It's enough to make your head, or other body parts, spin. We're just excited for when Brooke Hogan sues Ashlee Simpson for infringing on her lack of talent.

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Mary Carey is a porn star with very big breasts. She's relevant to the celebrity gossip world because Mariah Carey sued her over her... More »
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