What a jackass!

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Mourning the loss of his friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn, Johnny Knoxville took to his blog this weekend to pen a tribute to the late stuntman.

Johnny, who spoke at Dunn's memorial service last week, said he wrote the blog post because it's "what I wished I could have told everyone then."

"I felt 34-percent funnier when I was with Ryan, but I guess everyone did," the 40-year-old Knoxville said. "He had such a hair trigger laugh reflex."

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"He lived his life wanting to laugh and wanting you to laugh with him. He would cackle really f**king loud, too, and it wasn't uncommon that he would fall over. Sometimes I would fall with him because his spirit was very contagious."

Knoxville noted that Dunn "wasn't incapable of seriousness" and was "a great listener." The 34-year-old Ryan also had "an enormous capacity to love."

"A lion's share of [Ryan's love] went to his sweet and beautiful Angie," Knoxville recalled. "If he wasn't with her he would be talking about her."

"More times than not he would smile wide through that filthy ass beard of his and say something along the lines of, 'How did I ever luck up and land her?'"

"Well, it sure wasn't because of the way he smelled that's for sure."

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Britney Spears appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and on top of performing two tracks from her new album, showed us how to make a very special cocktail.

This was, in fact (not really), a deleted scene from Jackass 3D. It may not have made the final cut, but Johnny Knoxville was kind enough to share it with us here.

It's called Poo Cocktail Supreme. Britney Spears is the "bartender" of sorts. If you get queasy easily, you might not want to watch this. Everyone else, go to it:

Mmm. Delicious. Makes you look forward to happy hour even more.

Follow the jump for Britney Spears performing "Till the World Ends" and "Hold It Against Me" on JKL. The latter performance was cut off as the credits rolled.

Kimmel Tweeted: β€œTo all experiencing fits of intense hissy because the @britneyspears bonus song was short, not our decision if it airs online – artist mgmt.”

That explains it ... sort of. Check out both performances here:

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Johnny Knoxville is officially spoken for. He walked down the aisle with girlfriend Naomi Nelson. The couple got married yesterday. Congratulations!

Knoxville recently popped the question with a 2.50 carat Edwardian engagement ring from L.A.'s Platt Boutique Jewelry. Then they made it official.

The couple welcomed son Rocko Akira Clapp in December. Johnny Knoxville also has a teenage daughter, Madison, with his ex-wife Melanie Clapp.

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

Congratulations to Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson!

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Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson, his girlfriend, have welcomed a little boy named Rocko, according to the Los Angeles Times. That's awesome.

Rocko Akira Clapp, who weighed 8 lbs. and measured 20 inches, was born Sunday in Los Angeles. It is the second child for Johnny Knoxville.

Jodie Sweetin, Zoie Herpin

His real name is Phillip John Clapp. Naomi Nelson, his girlfriend of several years, broke the news that she was pregnant earlier this year.

Johnny also has a teen daughter, Madison, with his ex-wife, Melanie Clapp. Regarding Madison, before his new son's arrival, Knoxville blogged:

"My daughter Madison has already started becoming a big sister and is helping pick out clothes, strollers and beds for her little sister or brother."

Who knew this Jackass could be such a softie?

Congratulations to Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson!

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Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is going to be a dad for the second time.

His girlfriend of nearly a year, Naomi Nelson, is three months pregnant.

Kim and Mason

"Yes, they are expecting and very excited," his rep said.

Johnny Knoxville already has a 13-year-old daughter, Madison, with ex-wife Melanie Clapp. He and Clapp wed in May 1995 and were married for 12 years.

Knoxville filed for divorce from Clapp in 2007, citing irreconcilable differences. He and Naomi Nelson started dating at some point last year.

Congratulations to the parents-to-be!

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Johnny Knoxville.

This is a man who's wandered around Japan in a Panda suit, taunted wild animals, offended the public more than Borat and sparked widespread controversy for kids copying his nutty stunts.

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

Yet somehow the Josh Duhamel look-alike is making headlines for wearing a T-shirt mocking his agent.

Johnny Knoxville, 36, wore a crass, but amusing t-shirt on April 23 while at a birthday lunch with his agent at the hot L.A. eatery, Mr. Chow. The agent is pictured here, and on the shirt (which speaks for itself, really).

Of course, the always tactful jackass and Bam Margera cohort has been bombarded with questions as to what sartorial statement he meant to make by wearing this shirt. Is he worried people will think he's homophobic?

His response to Us Weekly's inquiry:

"Me? Homophobic? Because I use the word 'homo' on a shirt?! Puh-lease! ... In the group I run with, 'homo' is a term of endearment."

"It's a compliment. I mean you've seen Jackass, right? The hot pants, the oiled young men, the rainbows? Me calling somebody homo is like Weeman calling someone short."

O... K. Not entirely sure what he's talking about, but it's clear Johnny meant no harm... and his agent doesn't exactly appear to have taken offense.

In other words, let's let jackasses be jackasses (so to speak) and not make a Kelly Ripa-Clay Aiken style situation out of nothing here. Although we're sure Rosie O'Donnell will try.

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Okay, so the gratuitous gawking below is not in the same league as what we recently observed from Diddy's indiscreet inspection of Jessica Biel's booty.

In fact, the ogling below appears to be happening blatantly, with no shame in being caught in the act. And while such behavior seems like the antithesis of class, what did you expect?

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

We are talking about Johnny Knoxville, after all. The Jackass is wearing a Pabst Blue Ribbon button-down shirt for crying out loud. Anyone who dresses like that (or rolls down the street into oncoming traffic while strapped inside a shopping cart) has certainly earned the right to check out Alyssa Milano's chest.

These two would actually make a cute couple. Maybe not as much as Knoxville look-alike Josh Duhamel and Fergie, but still. Wonder if Johnny took Alyssa to Bam Margera's wedding?

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At T.H. Gossip, thinking up Celebrity Look-Alikes is one of our favorite pastimes. Another is thinking of new synonyms for "slut" when writing blogs about the luscious Lindsay Lohan, a.k.a., The Hollywood Harlot.

But we're here once again to talk about the former. Our dead-ringer pairs run the gamut from the virtually indistinguishable (Will Ferrell and Chad Smith) to the eerily similar (Suri Cruise and Bjork) to the absurdly inaccurate, yet still funny (Tom Cruise and Kim Jong Il).

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

This one falls into the first of those three categories. If Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel (right), appeared on Jackass as a body double for the insane stuntman and actor, Johnny Knoxville, would anyone be the wiser? At least before his group of rowdies poured hot sauce down his pants or pushed him off a pier in a shopping cart?

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