Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James is CEO of West Coast Choppers, a motorcycle manufacturer, and the host of Motorcycle Mania and...

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Two high profile couples are headed for divorce.

Earlier this week, Kris Jenner filed to legally split from Bruce Jenner; while, earlier today, Amber Rose ended her marriage to Wiz Khalifa.

Can you guess which official break up too us more by surprise? Hint: It's not the one with two people who have had separate bank accounts and separates residences for years and months now, respectively.

But Amber and Wiz?!?

Rose just referred to Khalifa as her "sweetheart" in a Happy Birthday message on September 9! She Twerked up a storm in celebration of his recent album success! She wished for many more years to come on their one-year anniversary in August!

And now, just like that... it's over. 

Where did the relationship go wrong? We may never know. But where does it rank on a rundown of all-time shocking celebrity divorces? That we can debate and ponder. Click through a handful of candidates below:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have twins together and also had a great life together. But then it all fell apart.

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We all know that text messages can sometimes be hilarious. Like when they're sent by mom.

Or if the the characters on Game of Thrones ever learned how to text.

But sometimes it's best to just put your phone away and think twice - nay, three times! - before picking it back up and hitting Send.

Like when you're slamming a famous ex-girlfriend and her untalented lady parts. Or when you're a married professional golfer and you wanna bang a porn star. Or when your name is Anthony Weiner.

Below, THG presents 13 of the most well-known celebrity text message scandals of all-time, with far too many involving penis photos and one too many involving a bloodied, beaten Rihanna:

Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez
They've gotten back together and broken up again since, but in January 2014, Justin Bieber allgedly texted Selena Gomez to keep her "talentless [lady part]" away from him.

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Jesse James has unveiled a new logo for his company, West Coast Choppers, that quickly drew criticism for resembling an old Nazi insignia.

The motorcycle enthusiast's logo has been likened to Nazi Reichsadler or Imperial Eagle used by the party from 1935-1945. Take a look below:

  • WCC Logo
  • More Jesse James Nazi Shots

The West Coast Choppers website refers to the logo as the "Warbird."

During the star's scandalous divorce from Sandra Bullock, a Jesse James Nazi photo from 2004 was leaked, sparking a great deal of controversy.

James was also been pictured in a car with a friend wearing a similar hat and doing the same salute (above) yet the dad of three claims he is not racist.

“There’s not a racist bone in my body,” Jesse said at the time.

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Many are still trying to come to grips with the latest Hollywood break-up.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are really over?!?

It's sad, but it's true... and it's not an isolated separation. Over the years, a number of seemingly perfect marriages have come to an end, some in scandalous fashion (we still haven't forgiven you, Jesse James) and others in a relatively amicable manner.

They cover the world of acting, music and even politics. Remember how you felt when Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries? These splits elicited the exact opposite feeling.

Relive the 9 most unexpected Hollywood divorces in recent memory now:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have twins together and also had a great life together. But then it all fell apart.

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Alexis DeJoria waited so long to find the right guy.

In Jesse James, she knows she found that guy.

The drag-racing beauty says she had an undeniable connection with him from their very first meeting, and knew he was "The One" right off the bat:

Alexis DeJoria, Jesse James

"We actually met at the races in Dallas. I was racing at the time, and [Jesse] had been friends with my dad [Paul Mitchell billionaire John Paul DeJoria] for a while."

"So he came up to see my dad and the guys that I race with, and that was it. It was the first time we met, and we just hit it off. He has never missed a race since."

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Jesse James married Alexis DeJoria over the weekend.

Hours after his fourth wedding at her father's Malibu estate March 24, the motorcycle mogul shared a sweet pic via his Instagram account. Peep it:

Jesse James and Alexis DeJoria

"Love, wife, family, work ... Life always just finds a way of showing us what is most important," wrote the former West Coast Choppers CEO, 43.

James, who cheated on wife No. 3 Sandra Bullock with a reported four women and went to rehab in 2010, "had tears in his eyes" during the ceremony.

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Someone has agreed to marry Jesse James for the fourth time.

The motorcycle expert and serial philanderer exchanged vows with drag racer Alexis DeJoria yesterday afternoon, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

Jesse James at the Mic

The couple got hitched at the Malibu estate of Alexis's father, Paul Mitchell hair care line and Patron Spirits Company co-founder John DeJoria.

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In the wake of the Connecticut shooting, Jesse James recently posted a Facebook missive in favor of the NRA's position and against gun control.

Encouraging people to join the NRA, he cited his own experience as a business owner in Long Beach, California, a city with an ongoing gang problem.

Jesse James, Gun

The 43-year-old says Long Beach is a prime example of gun control's failings, though his evidence is most anecdotal and may not tell the whole story.

"Since the 1980's California has led the nation with the strictest gun control laws. In this state I have seen more dead bodies than I can count," James says.

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Is Alexis DeJoria engaged to Jesse James?

According to Hollyscoop, the 43-year-old, who split with Sandra Bullock in 2010 and was engaged to Kat Von D after that, is engaged to drag racer DeJoria, 35.

The fifth time's the charm apparently,

  • Alexis DeJoria Photo
  • Jesse James Smiling

DeJoria is the daughter of Paul Mitchell hair care co-founder John Paul DeJoria. The celebrity gossip site says that drag racing curcuit insiders confirm it's true.

James was married twice before he wed Bullock, and saw his relationships to the Oscar winner and Kat Von D end in some pretty epic cheating scandals.

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Sounds like Jesse James has been reading Bristol Palin's memoir Not Afraid of Life.

Okay, probably not. But he is back with a new reality show and is defiant as ever.

"I'm not afraid of s--t," James proclaimed to E! Online this week while promoting Jesse James: Outlaw Garage, his new Discovery Channel special premiering April 9.

"Everyone can say whatever they want about me and call me whatever, but guess what? I'm still standing. I think I'm in a pretty awesome place in life."

Jesse James Smiles

That he is, it's just not in Hollywood.

James now resides in Austin, Texas, and slowly returned to TV with an appearance on Discovery's American Chopper: The Build-Off in December.

Outlaw follows James and his team at the Austin Speed Shop as they rebuild a 1932 Ford Roadster. He's hoping it will soon become a regular series.

In any case, he's not gonna let the sex scandal(s) that torpedoed his marriage to Sandra Bullock (or his engagement to Kat Von D) get the best of him:

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