Jennifer Hudson is a former American Idol star AND Oscar winner. No one else on the planet can make that claim. Granted American Idol has...

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Jennifer Hudson is not Kim Kardashian.

The former American Idol finalist and Oscar winner is not one to flaunt her bikini body on Instagram... but she simply couldn't help it this week.

"I'm so not that girl !" wrote Hudson as a caption to these Mexico-based pictures. “But I work hard, I deserve it! Plus, I earned it!"

Jennifer Hudson Bikini Pics

Meaning what, exactly?

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When so many of Hollywood's finest fall into the downward spiral of alcoholism and drug abuse, it's sort of refreshing to find celebrities who manage to pull themselves back from the brink.

Or avoid it completely. Take Blake Lively, who prefers curling up with her hottie husband Ryan Reynolds to relax instead of unwinding with a glass of wine.

With a husband like Ryan Reynolds, who can blame her?

Blake Lively
Blake Lively is a foodie instead of a drinker and prefers curling up on the couch with husband Ryan Reynolds to relax instead of pouring herself a glass of wine.

Stars like Christina Ricci and Russell Brand have a well-documented history of drug and alcohol abuse, but were thankfully able to get themselves clean and stay that way.

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She can sing. She can act.

And she can pose for some seriously hot photos!

Indeed, Oscar winner and American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine, showing off a steamy side most fans rarely see in photos snapped by Terry Richardson.

Speaking of her ability to make folks feel comfortable right away, Hudson tells the publication: "It’s like once you know me you’ve been Jenniferized. I want to Jenniferize everyone!”

We'd love for you to Jenniferize us, girlfriend!

Jennifer Hudson V Magazine Photo
Here is a side of Jennifer Hudson we don't often see. She's getting down and dirty for Terry Richardson in V Magazine.

Hudson is merely the latest star to bare a great deal for Richardson.

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There were any memorable speeches at the People's Choice Awards last night.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev joked about their break-up. Justin Timberlake thanked his beautiful wife, Jessica Biel.

But Jennifer Hudson stood out from them all, taking the stage to accept the Favorite Humanitarian award with her sister, giving props to God and then going on about the lesson her late mother taught her.

"My mother always taught us that without family you have nothing, and whether you know it or not all are family, and what happens to the other happens to us, so it's very important to make a difference."

In 2008, Hudson's mother, brother and young nephew were killed in Chicago by her sister's estranged husband, William Balfour. Three years later, he was found guilty of first-degree murder.

Hudson has managed to persevere, however.

She remains a very popular singer and actress, both among the public and also among those who know her best. It helps when she buys her friends a house.

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Man. We may get to stare at Kate Upton photos all day, but we are clearly in the wrong business.

Jennifer Hudson has made it appareny that the best occupation out there is her assistant, a fact Walter Williams discovered on Tuesday when the former American Idol finalist and Academy Award winner bought Williams a house.

Yes, a HOUSE.

In the following clip, posted by Hudson, we see Williams react to this gift by dropping the paperwork on the ground and screaming. Over and over and over and over...

Hudson and Williams have been friends since elementary school.

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When Jennifer Hudson took the stage Saturday at the BET Black Girls Rock concert event, she was rockin' a new look. A new, very different look.

Prior to the show, the singer chopped off her long locks, opting for a pixie cut - one way shorter than the Beyonce short hair style that caused a stir.

Check out photos of Jennifer Hudson's hair on Instagram:

Jennifer Hudson Pixie Cut

Hudson pics photos of the transformation, knowing she was about to blow some minds and writing, "Yep, catch it! You've been jenniferized ... catch it!!"

The show also featured performances from Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monae, and others. It will air on BET Sunday, November 3 at 7 p.m. ET.

What do you think of J-Hud's new 'do?


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Jennifer Hudson took to the Superdome field in New Orleans this evening, belting out "America the Beautiful" prior to Super Bowl XLVII.

But the Oscar winner didn't do it alone.

She was joined by students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Watch the moving tribute to our great country below now, as Hudson and and those affected by December's horrific tragedy honor the United States:

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Jennifer Hudson and a pregnant Jessica Simpson recently teamed up for Weight Watchers' new "Expect Amazing" commercial, and boy is it inspiring.

And a tad awkward.

The two singers each talk about their weight loss (Jennifer reportedly dropped 80 pounds on WW; Jess lost 50, before getting pregnant again).

After Jessica walks down the sidewalk in what looks like the most unnatural way possible, they meet in front of a restaurant and ... don't talk. Watch:

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The President of the U.S. spoke to 6,000 supporters at an L.A. concert featuring Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Earth Wind & Fire and Jon Bon Jovi.

"Everything we fought so hard for in 2008 is on the line in 2012," Barack Obama told the Nokia Theater crowd. "And I need your help to finish what we started. I need your help."

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