Teen Mom Mug Shots: Look Who's Been Booked!

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Over the years, members of the Teen Mom cast have become mothers, fathers... and delinquents.

Indeed, while you're likely very familiar with the exploits of Jenelle Evans and company on screen, you may be less familiar with the trouble they've gotten into off screen.

Thankfully, The Hollywood Gossip has you covered.

We've collected all the mug shots of these serial law-breakers below.

What crimes landed them in front of the police camera? Get a look at who has been booked, and for what reason(s), now...

1. Debra Danielsen in 2010

Debra Danielsen in 2010
Farrah Abraham’s mother was arrested for domestic assault in January of 2010 after an argument with her daughter. According to the official report, Danielsen grabbed Farrah by the throat and "hit her along the side of her head and hit her in the mouth." The case was dropped after a plea deal was arranged.

2. Kieffer Delp in 2010

Kieffer Delp in 2010
The charges were eventually dropped, but Jenelle Evans was dating miscreant Kieffer (a.k.a. KIEFFAH!) Delp in October of 2010 when the terrible twosome were arrested for breaking and entering and drug possession in North Carolina. Fortunately, he cleaned up his act and has been a model citizen ever since. Just kidding. In fact ...

3. Delp in 2018

Delp in 2018
Delp was arrested again in January of 2018 for allegedly operating a meth lab in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Yes, Breaking Bad style. According to the court documents, he was charged with operating a methamphetamine lab, possession with intent to deliver, possession of substances for methamphetamine, waste in manufacture of methamphetamine and possession and prohibited acts. In other words he's in the deepest of s--t.

4. Amber Portwood in 2010

Amber Portwood in 2010
Amber Portwood was arrested in December of 2010 and charged with two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. The arrest followed an incident with her former fiance Gary Shirley, with whom she shares daughter Leah, and was partially seen on Teen Mom.

5. Amber Portwood in 2011

Amber Portwood in 2011
The troubles came early and often in Amber's life. Portwood was booked in late 2011 after police officers found prescription pills in her apartment. The MTV star did not have an actual prescription for them, and given her previous brushes with the last, she was taken into custody once more.

6. Amber Portwood in 2012

Amber Portwood in 2012
Portwood was arrested again on May 24, 2012 for violating her drug court probation requirements by failing a urine test and then lying about it. Incredibly, she declined to continue with drug court and opted to serve hard time in prison instead. She spent a year and a half in state prison. Amber, to her credit, has remained clean (by her own admission, but also to our knowledge) ever since.

7. Jenelle Evans in 2010

Jenelle Evans in 2010
Spoiler alert: Evans is by far and away the most frequent repeat offender in this gallery. Jenelle’s first (of many!) arrests took place on October 15, 2010. She was picked up in Oak Island, North Carolina and charged with breaking and entering, marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession. Again, this was the first of many, many brushes with the law and billable hours for Dustin Sullivan.

8. Jenelle Evans in 2011

Jenelle Evans in 2011
Jenelle’s second arrest came not too long after that, on March 27, 2011. She was caught on tape attacking another girl over a fight about her boyfriend at the time, the aforementioned Kieffer Delp. She was charged with misdemeanor accounts of assault and affray. You can see that incident below.

9. Yeah, This Was Pretty Savage

She's honestly lucky she didn't end up in jail after wailing on Brittany Truett like this. Or in some kind of institution, given that, as we said, this was a fight over Kieffer Delp. Kieffer. Delp.

10. Jenelle in 2011... Again

Jenelle in 2011... Again
Apparently having not learned her lesson from that insane altercation, the Carolina Hurricane's third arrest came just a few months after the fact on August 8, 2011 ... for violating her earlier probation. The reason? Evans tested positive for opiates and marijuana and was placed in a cell for a few hours before being released on bond.

11. Jenelle Evans in 2012

Jenelle Evans in 2012
Keeping up her streak of ending up in handcuffs every few months, on January 10, 2012, Evans was taken into custody after allegedly making harassing phone calls and communicating threats to her former roommate. One could say she has (or had) some serious anger management problems. (This was obvious to anyone who has watched Teen Mom 2 between the early 2010s and forever).


Evans was incredibly arrested again, merely a FEW DAYS LATER, on January 16, 2012 because she allegedly violated her domestic violence protective order, which stemmed from an earlier fight. Seriously, how she's still alive and out of prison at this point in her life is beyond comprehension sometimes.

13. And Now Months Later...

And Now Months Later...
In June of 2012, the turbulent Teen Mom 2 terror was rung up again. This time Evans was charged with marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance after she called police to the home of her boyfriend at the time, Gary Head, who she alleged had assaulted her. (In this case, the charges against Evans were all eventually dropped.)

14. Jenelle in 2013

Jenelle in 2013
Jenelle’s eighth arrest came on April 23, 2013 when police suspected she and her husband Courtland Rogers possessed heroin (with the intent to sell, manufacture, distribute) and drug paraphernalia; Jenelle was also charged with simple assault, as was Courtland. Rogers and Evans eventually got divorced; Courtland ended up spending a lengthy term in prison on unrelated drug charges, and Jenelle aborted his baby.

15. Jenelle in 2015

Jenelle in 2015
Well, at least it didn't involve drugs this time? Evans landed herself at J. Reuben Long Detention Center after the South Carolina Highway Patrol pulled her over for driving without a license. Pretty minor, but how hard is it to renew your license?

16. And Then in May of That Same Year

And Then in May of That Same Year
That's more the Jenelle of old. This time, she was booked for first degree criminal domestic violence after getting into a physical altercation with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith. Jenelle and Nathan share custody of one son, Kaiser, and have traded a lot of barbs in the years since.

17. And in August of, Yes, That Same Year

And in August of, Yes, That Same Year
Nathan strikes again ... or Jenelle does, to be more accurate. Evans was arrested on charges of assault after she reportedly hurled glass at Jessica Henry, Nathan's new girlfriend, who was accompanying him when he arrived to Jenelle and Nathan's Myrtle Beach home to pick up some of his belongings. She spent the night in jail.

18. Altogether?

Jenelle has been arrested 15 times. So many we can't even find all the different booking photos, or list them all here. It's a Teen Mom record we doubt will ever be broken, no matter how out of control Ryan Edwards is spiraling these days (stay tuned for more on that in a bit).

19. Gary Shirley in 2011

Gary Shirley in 2011
In May of 2011, Amber Portwood's former fiance was arrested in Indiana for driving with a suspended license. Gary Shirley was released on $3,000 bond.

20. Jo Rivera in 2011

Jo Rivera in 2011
Kailyn Lowry’s ex and Isaac's dad was arrested in February of 2011 for marijuana possession. He was booked for being under the influence of “a controlled dangerous substance” while driving with his brother in New Jersey.

21. Nathan Griffith in 2014

Nathan Griffith in 2014
Jenelle's former fiance was arrested in April of 2014 for driving with a suspended license, resisting arrest, driving on the wrong side of the road AND giving a false name and address to officers. He was sentenced to 47 days in jail

22. Nathan in 2016

Nathan in 2016
Griffith was arrested again two years later for aggravated assault after allegedly choking an ex-girlfriend named Jessica Henry. He was also booked at the time for having an open container and giving false information to law enforcement officers.

23. Gary Head in 2012

Gary Head in 2012
Head, Jenelle’s ex-fiancee, was charged with domestic violence after he and the Teen Mom 2 star got in an argument and Jenelle called the police.

24. Devoin Austin in 2017

Devoin Austin in 2017
The father of Briana DeJesus' first child, and frequent target of her verbal attacks, Devoin Austin was arrested in August of 2017 for not showing up to court for previous marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

25. Courtland Rogers in 2013

Courtland Rogers in 2013
As we mentioned earlier, Courtland Rogers, the ex-husband of Jenelle Evans, was arrested for assaulting her in March of 2013.

26. Courtland in 2018

Courtland in 2018
He's been arrested again! Courtland Keith Rogers, the ex-husband of Jenelle, was arrested of drug possession charges in April of 2018.

27. Ryan Edwards in 2018

Ryan Edwards in 2018
The most recent, and undoubtedly one of the most shocking - and yet not. Maci Bookout’s ex was booked in March of 2018 for violating his probation related to a previous heroin possession. He was released on a $5,000 bond the evening of his arrest ... which took place one day after his wife Mackenzie Standifer announced she was pregnant.

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