Brittany Flickinger is the new BFF of Paris Hilton. Seriously, she was deemed as such when this aspiring rock singer was named the winner...

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You remember Brittany Flickinger, don't you? The aspiring singer was briefly Paris Hilton's BFF, following her triumph on the first season of the aptly-named reality show Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

No one has heard from this random girl in centuries, but, naturally, she spoke to E! News this week about the heiress' recent brush with the law and overall issues in life.

Flickinger says the crazy world in which Hilton resides "wasn't my style," adding: "The way Paris acts is really out there and always the center of attention. [She] always takes it too far, every time we go out."

Brittany never saw Paris take any drugs, but she's still worried about her former, fake friend.

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According to various celebrity gossip reports, Paris Hilton and her pretend BFF Brittany Flickinger are in an actual fight. Shocking, we know.

In order to throw fuel on the talentless fire, we're asking readers to compare the D-listers below and chime in:

Brittany and Paris Pic

When it comes to these attention-seeking socialites, who would you you rather... you know...


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Might the public make-out session with 43-year old Chris DeWolfe not have been Paris Hilton's most controversial decision at this year's Sundance Film Festival?

As you ponder what the heck Paris was doing at an event that celebrates quality movies, sources tell Page Six that the useless socialite did not stay with sister Nicky Hilton and her boyfriend Jeffrey Katzenberg at the event. The reason?

They hate Paris' pretend BFF, Brittany Flickinger. Consequently, Paris and Britt rented a condo with none other than upcoming Playboy model Aubrey O'Day.

  • Surprising Cleavage Alert!
  • Half Nude Aubrey O'Day

Paris Hilton and Aubrey O'Day as good friends? Yup. This seems about right.

From there, Hilton reportedly played a game of best friend roulette.

"Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey," said The NewY ork Post's source.

Friday night, O'Day and Hilton left Flickinger at the Eldridge and went across the street to Tao, where the former Best Friend Forever found them at 2 a.m. and, as a witness describes it, "was crying and screaming, 'Paris, stop leaving me!'"

There's something no male companion of Hilton has ever uttered.

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday tradition, now in its 63rd week. So who won this week's Caption Contest?

With a photo of BFFs Paris Hilton and Brittany Flickinger, you're going to have a ton of possibilities. But we went with the entry submitted by Stacy. Congratulations!

Cy Waits and Paris Hilton

B: There is something colder than Paris' perpetually frigid personality!

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We're really sorry, Australia.

Our friends to the south were forced to deal with BFFs Brittany Flickinger and Paris Hilton this week, as the globe-trotting duo took their act Down Under. They even brought their giant, ugly sunglasses with them.

Brittany and Paris Pic

From going down on guys to going Down Under, Brittany Flickinger and Paris Hilton strike a pose at Australia's Bondi Beach.

Check out more of Paris and her new pet below. Click on each photo for enlarged pics and eyewear...

  • Sidewalk Posers
  • Beach Beauties
  • Best Friends Forever, Totally
  • Pleasant Paris
  • Paris Down Under

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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Paris Hilton spent Christmas in Aspen, Colorado with her sister, her sister's boyfriend and her fake new BFF, Brittany Flickinger.

The quartet hung out downtown, posed for pictures, shopped and grabbed lunch at a local diner. Just like any big, happy, fake family would.

Paris Wants to DJ

Check out the fearsome foursome below, as Paris and Brittany try to look like they have more than six words to say to each other...

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What $2 million break-in?

Showing no signs of toning down her ostentatious lifestyle after getting ransacked, Paris Hilton - arriving in style in a pink Bentley - prepares to drop massive quantities of cash faster than she does her pants at the sight of the nearest breathing male ...

Pink Bentley

Accompanying Paris in L.A. on this important afternoon of shopping was her new BFF, Brittany Flickinger. Click to enlarge more pics of the "hot" pair ...

  • Pick Flick
  • Paris Rolls in Style
  • Paris, Brittany
  • Hard Core Shopper
  • Paris Hilton, Pink Bentley
  • Brittany Flickinger and Paris Hilton Photo

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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See, Paris Hilton and Brittany Flickinger really are total BFFs!

The socialite was spotted crossing the street with her chosen Best Friend Forever, just weeks after Flickinger earned that title on Hilton's MTV reality show.

We're not sure how many more public appearances by these two are contractually required, but they might wanna at least pretend to be getting along the next time celebrity gossip reporters are around...

Paris Hilton, Brittany Flickinger

Because it's required by their reality show contracts, Paris Hilton and Brittany Flickinger walk the streets together, showing off their ever-lasting friendship.

Wanna see more pics of Paris trying to distance herself from Brittany? Click on the following images...

  • Pretend BFF
  • Paris and Brittany
  • Trying to Keep Pace
  • Just Paris
  • Hated Hilton

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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Move over, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian!

Brittany Flickinger is officially Paris Hilton's New BFF, at least for the next 20 minutes or so.

Pick Flick

The aspiring rock singer and model was named the winner of this pathetic reality show last night, despite a profile on MTV that makes her seem like the antithesis to Paris. It reads:

While Brittany loves to party and cause a ruckus out on the town, she maintains a fairly straight-edge lifestyle with limited drinking and no sex.

How exactly will Hilton and Flickinger ever hang out if they aren't getting wasted and going home with guys?!?

Here's a bit more about Brittany Flickinger, courtesy of her MySpace page:

“So…I’m Brittany…and yep. I used to sing and write vocals, lyrics melodies etc for my former band…. but now watch me on the Paris Hilton BFF. I am really grateful I get so many messages and I will get to all of you as soon as I can. I’m on here as much as I can but sometimes I gotta work so if I don’t get back to ya fast that’s why."

Click on the following images of Brittany for larger pics...

Brittany Flickinger Biography

Paris Hilton, Brittany Flickinger Brittany Flickinger is the new BFF of Paris Hilton. Seriously, she was deemed as such when this aspiring rock singer was named the winner... More »
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Brittany Flickinger
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