Lolita Richi Photos: The New Human Barbie

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Lolita Richi prides herself on looking like Barbie. Check out photos of the teenager here.

1. Lolita Richi Picture

Lolita Richi Picture
Lolita Richi is a 16-year old from Kiev. She (sadly) prides herself on looking just like Barbie.

2. Teenage Human Barbie

Teenage Human Barbie
This is yet another human Barbie. Her name is Lolita Richi and she's only 16 years old.

3. Lolita Richi Photo

Lolita Richi Photo
Poor Lolita Richi. This 16-year old Kiev native has one goal in life: to look just like Barbie.

4. Human Barbie Pic

Human Barbie Pic
Yes, this is an actual person. Lolita Richi, a 16-year old from Kiev, wants to look JUST like Barbie.

5. Human Barbie Wannabe

Human Barbie Wannabe
Lolita Richi will do anything to resemble Barbie. She's only 16 years old and she hails from Kiev.

6. Lolita Richi Underwear Pic

Lolita Richi Underwear Pic
Lolita Richi in one of her many modeling photos. Her racy modeling photos.

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B bennington

She's very weird looking. Why do people want to look like something other than a human?


i'd hit that.
She's one step up from a blow up doll.
One step down from an actual human being. the perfect combo.


Nothing in this world surprises me anymore! This CHILD looks like a freak.... Disturbing


This is just disturbing. Where are this girls parents?!

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