Crohn's Disease Subjects Pose for Bikini Pics

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These Crohn's Disease patients all have colostomy bags. And now they also have bikini photos online.

1. Proud of Her Body

Proud of Her Body

2. Tanning with Crohn’s

Tanning with Crohn’s

3. Bikini and a Colostomy Bag

Bikini and a Colostomy Bag

4. Unexpected Bikini Selfie

Unexpected Bikini Selfie

5. No Shame Here

No Shame Here

6. Crohn's Disease Beauty

Crohn's Disease Beauty

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People have been taking pictures like this for a few years now, without the influence of Bethany. Activists have been working hard for a long time to fight the stigmas associated with ostomies, and while this has minor factual issues, it's great. Thank you for portraying the subject in a positive light!

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