8 Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity to Other Celebrities

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The list of celebrities who went all the way for the first time with other stars is surprisingly long. Or perhaps not surprisingly if you think about it.

Whatever you think about it, take a look! Would you have ever guessed that these stars got it on? Okay ... some of them obviously, but the rest?

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez famously lost her virginity to a guy who all know (and some of us used to love), and this we know after he bragged about it. He being ....

2. Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber!
Yup. Justin Bieber took her v-card. Then he broke her heart.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
One of Taylor Swift's many famous boyfriends got her to go all the way, then dumped her via text after no-showing at her 21st birthday party! He is ...

4. Jake Gyllenhaal!

Jake Gyllenhaal!
Yes. That brief relationship with Taylor Swift really rocked the singer to the core after he deflowered her, then bailed. It allegedly inspired much of her album Red.

5. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas once wore a purity ring and vowed he wouldn't have sex until he was married. So much for that. The lucky (?) famous girl?

6. Ashley Greene!

Ashley Greene!
Yes, the Twilight actress was the first one to get a Jonas Brother into bed.

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