27 Handsome Photos of George Clooney

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George Clooney is very handsome. Don't believe us? See the evidence for yourself via these drool-worthy photos of the Oscar winner.

1. George Clooney Photo

George Clooney Photo
You are a lucky woman, Amal! You have managed to lock down George Clooney, maybe the most handsome man alive.

2. George Clooney Close Up

George Clooney Close Up
George Clooney makes a silly face here at the Monuments Men premiere. He cracks us up.

3. Is That George Clooney?

Is That George Clooney?
This is not a look we're used to seeing on George Clooney. He is rocking glasses and a mustache.

4. George Clooney in a Bowtie

George Clooney in a Bowtie
This just in: George Clooney cleans up well. Wouldn't you agree, women everywhere?

5. George Clooney at the SAG Awards

George Clooney at the SAG Awards
George Clooney stares intently into the camera at the SAG Awards. He is very, very good looking.

6. George Clooney at the Golden Globes

George Clooney at the Golden Globes
George Clooney stares intently into the camera at the Golden Globes. He is just SO good looking!

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silence of the lambs?


Hey, Clooney! While you and your anti-west Muslim bride were putting on airs at the Met Gala, ISIS attacked us in TEXAS. You know ISIS...the ones who behead gays and throw them off rooftops? Oh, wait...that lady deserved it for exercising her first to free speech to educate the masses what we're up against? Consider this...ISIS has cells in FIFTEEN STATES. Congrats, George...you helped build this-->> Islamic State claims terror cells in 15 states: report wtim.es/1F5ERM8


Aww...look! The anti-American global elitist has a birthday today! No doubt we will get some staged pap shots of the "great American family man with a Disney movie coming out" today? Let's remember to whom it is he is married: https://rednationrising.wordpr... Then let's remember how highly he thinks of himself over us average Americans: https://rednationrising.wordpr... Next up? How his "humanitarian" work all seems to have an underlying political agenda that has nothing to do with "human rights": https://rednationrising.wordpr... followed by how much he really doesn't support free speech: https://rednationrising.wordpr... and, finally, well...everything has a political purpose with him that works against the US especially his wife-->> https://rednationrising.wordpr... Happy birthday, Jerk!

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I am the sexiest man of peace.

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Sydney made the world a little better, movies a little better and even dinner a little better. A tip of the hat to a class act. He'll be missed terribly.

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