23 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Art of Photobombing

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HA! We love these photobombing dogs. Click around and you'll quickly agree.

1. Group Photobomb

Group Photobomb
Don't forget about me! This canine really wants to be included in this group photo.

2. A Lazy Photobomb

A Lazy Photobomb
Scroll down... look to the right... and, yes! There he is, the laziest photobomber ever.

3. Time to Hump

Time to Hump
Dirtiest photobomb ever? This dog has a suggestion for what this couple should do after saying cheese.

4. Wait for ME!

Wait for ME!
Now THIS is a dog that really wants to be in a photo. (NOTE: He was unharmed following his jump.)

5. Crotch Alert!

Crotch Alert!
Excuse me, sir? Are you aware there's a dog sticking out of your crotch?

6. A Photo Takeover

A Photo Takeover
This goes far beyond a photobomb. This is a photo takeover! Nice move, pup.

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