18 Celebrity Fragrances That Probably Smell Terrible

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Why would you buy a celebrity fragrance? We have no idea.

But these are all available.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez
This self-titled Selena Gomez perfume may leave you lusting after Justin Bieber. Consider yourself warned.

2. Glowing by Jennifer Lopez

Glowing by Jennifer Lopez
SOLD! Based on this poster, we'll take 27 bottles.

3. Justin Bieber's The Key

Justin Bieber has a number of fragrances out there... somehow. He advertises "The Key" in this ad.

4. Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor by Taylor Swift is the third perfume released by this singer. She is also behind Taylor Swift Enchanted Perfume and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume.

5. Beyonce's Pulse NYC

This marks Beyonce's FIFTH fragrance. It smells like success.

6. That Moment by One Direction

That Moment by One Direction
One Direction's debut fragrance comes out in the spring of 2014. Worldwide!

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