16 Pearls of Kanye West Wisdom

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Kanye West has done some crazy things over the years, such as interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards and such as marrying Kim Kardashian.

But he's also said some crazy things, on a nearly daily basis.

Below, we've collected a bunch of Kanye West quotes and we've left it to readers to decide: Is he crazy? Or is he a crazy genius?

1. We All Make Mistakes

We All Make Mistakes
But not everyone learns from them as well as I do.

2. I'm Not Perfect

I'm Not Perfect
I did marry a woman known for having sex on camera, after all. But don't diss my music!

3. I Will Change the Entire World

I Will Change the Entire World
If I do say so myself.

4. Reading is Not Fundamental

Reading is Not Fundamental
Not when you're so busy writing, people! Writing history, that is.

5. Music Trumps Slavery

Music Trumps Slavery
Or something to that effect. All I know is that I'm more important than Nelson Mandela.

6. Be Proud!

Be Proud!
And I will raise my daughter to be a proud non-reader, dammit!

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Yo, Taylor. I'm really happy for you. I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.

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Michael Jackson, amazing. Michael Phelps, amazing... He's a real f---in' person; he makes mistakes.

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