Jesse James
Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock. But she eventually found his replacement: a little guy named Oscar.

51% of all first marriages end in divorce (67% of 2nd marriages) and if you take in to account all those staying together for kids, religion and money, it is about 90% not happy. I think that is due to that it is totally unnatural for a man to be monogamous. Read the Kinsey reports to find out the truth about human sexuality.


No...Former President Clinton is Number One in our Book. Guess it depends on the reader!

Bruce schnelle

Tiger is number one and Vonn has no pride in herself...


bahahaha Mike!


Mario is a closet homo....he can screw all the women he wants but the beoatch is gay.

Tiger Woods Biography

Tiger and Charlie Woods Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the history of the world. The talented athlete has also married a blonde bombshell and inspired... More »
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Tiger Woods