Sandra Bullock: The Final Humiliation

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Newly-minuted Oscar winner Sandra Bullock was on top of the world just a few weeks ago. Now she's hit rock bottom amid the tawdry Jesse James cheating scandal.

James nailed Michelle McGee, Melissa Smith, Brigitte Daguerre and possibly others - but it was a shocking discovery of her own that sent The Blind Side star reeling.

Reeling so hard, according to reports, that it's left Sandra Bullock wondering if she can ever face her cheating hubby, who just checked in to rehab in Tucson, again.

Star reports that Sandra "mistakenly grabbed Jesse's laptop in the rush to move out of the house they shared in Sunset Beach, Calif." What she found? SICK stuff.

No, seriously. We're talking worse than the Jesse James Nazi photo.

Says a source, "the explicit material rocked her to the core... she stumbled upon some really twisted evidence proving he's not the man she thought he was." Uhh...

WHAT SANDRA SAW ... made her collapse and not eat?

"She found things on his laptop that she'd never thought her husband would be into," the source adds vaguely. "This was way beyond anything she could imagine."

Sandra was so horrified, she "had to have the computer removed from her house." Okay, what the heck was this guy doing, running a ... you know what, forget it.

The insider concludes his or her in-depth report with this brutally honest truth: "Sandra's just completely devastated that Jesse led a double life behind her back!"

Wow, ya think? Bold statement there.

So what was on the computer? We may never know, people. We may never know. But it sounds like it's some seriously nasty $h!t ... putting Tiger Woods to shame!

Below are two other tabloid covers this week broaching the issue somewhat less scandalously. But come on. How long until you think Sandra files for divorce?

Jesse James: Outlaw

Sandra Bullock should totally ...


Jesse Is older then Tiger and has been around, and should know
better already having an xwife and others, Jesse will never be faithful to any women shame on him, I feel for his kids


C’mon, really … Sandra is NOT going to simply hand over Jesse's laptop to some sleazy tabloid. Don't be so gullible. Sandra wants her privacy!!!


She just won an Academy Award, has tons of money, is good looking and healthy. Meanwhile millions of Americans don't have jobs or health care. I feel a bit bad for her, but she's hardly in a bad place compared to those millions of Americans I mentioned earlier. She's been cheated on by her husband. Get a divorce and move on. Her life is far better than most people. Being cheated on by a spouse isn't nice, but hardly worthy of all the attention she's getting. People get divorced all the time. Rich people have far more resources to deal with such things. Let's have a bit more sensitivity for those people fighting to keep their healthcare, jobs, homes and trying to feed their kids.


I think it is great that she is on the cover of the mags and not Jessie and his skanks. I just don't want them to say anything negative about her. They should make sure that all the photos of her are positive. She is the star and those skanks are wanting on the cover to make money off of how low and disgusting they are.


Please Sandra, move on! I could see one, but not 7. He will do it again. You are too much a classy lady for him. What a waste, no more tears over that jerk. He is divorced for the same reasons, I know you are planning to move on, You have too! Leave him in the dirt. He is trash man compared to you! Look at what he slept with, You might want to go to the Drs and get serious blood work.!!!


Sandra obviously wasn't giving her man enough good sex. That's why he had to look for other women. She drove him to it.


No, I don't think Sandra would care about regular porn, or even gay/lesbian porn, she is a cool chick. I mean, come on, she knows his ex wife is a bisexual anal sex porn star. I think it was really really reallllly nasty stuff, maybe Jesse was having sex with farm animals type thing. That would freak anyone out. Or possibly child porn.


How would Hollywood Gossip know this? Get real, this is too personal for any gossip rag to ever find out about, especially since she is not talking to any of the rags.


No, she not leave him. He is a handsome guy with a good job working on motocycles. She should help her man and give him a second chance.


sorry, but anyone with that many tattoos--he may be a good con & liar, but just send him back to prison & throw away the key!... Sandra is very strong. strong that she even tried to save this pathetic guy & his "family"...She deserved better!!!

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