Jesse James Nazi Photo: Real and Ridiculous

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No wonder Jesse James was so into Michelle McGee.

Sandra Bullock's cheating husband and his mistress apparently shared more than bodily fluids an interest in tattoos - they both love some Nazi paraphernalia.

James, Jesse

A now-infamous Michelle McGee Nazi photo spread surfaced around the time she outed James' affair with her. Now a Nazi picture of Jesse has been unearthed.

It's not pretty, either, even as Nazi pics go.

Wow. As if Jesse James' image weren't tarnished enough ...

Wearing a Waffen SS visor and striking the Hitler "sleg heil" salute, it's clearly Jesse James in the photo, published by Us and taken roughly two years ago.

It's unclear where it was taken, but there looks to be a replica of an plane used by famed German WWI pilot Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. The Red Baron.

So is Jesse James a white supremacist? Probably not. But on the list of things that are hard to put a positive spin on, posing as Hitler ranks pretty high.

We're sure Sandra Bullock's divorce lawyer will have a field day with this picture. Think Jesse, who just checked into rehab, can get treatment for Nazism?


A stupid thing to do, certainly. But is it a bad thing? Why do American's - and a few other uptight people- have a thing about Nazi's? Would anyone object if James had impersonated Stalin or Mao? What if he had dressed in a Devil costume, or as Count Dracula? Or back to real life, if he dressed as Genghiz Khan, Jack the Ripper, or even as his nineteenth century namesake (no relation)? No one would have objected. So why the hang up about Hitler? Could it be because Jews largely run American, hate Hitler, and want to divert attention away from their own atrocities and intolerance? There is no other logical reason.


who hasn't done something like this before? it isn't racist, it's jokey. how could an anti semite marry a Jew?


Looks to me as though he is mocking Nazis rather than mimicking them.


I've seen so many people, including Jewish Comedian Ari Shaffir, pose in this position that this picture literally doesn't upset me one bit. As a Jew, that should mean something. Who cares if this guy cheated on Sandra Bullock, all you ladies out there that think your man would never cheat are ignorant. It's programmed into us. Let sleeping dogs lie already, jeez.


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All you faggots saying he should apologize should eat a dick. Apologize for what? This was a private photo, fuck off it's none of your business.