Some celebrities use their powers for good while others? Well...they get away with murder. At least some of them do. Here are 13 celebrities who may have killed people.

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson was arrested for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, leading to the trial of the century in 1994-95.

Can we stick to actual murderers?
There's a huge difference between viciously stabbing someone to death and a fatal car accident.
Running a stop sign, while reckless, is not the same thing as actively stalking someone with intent to do harm or hiring a hitman.


Man..Those 30 days must've been rough.


OJ Aaron and Robert Blake are all cocky bastards. Note that most of them got little or no time at all. Sooner or later they all got or will get what they deserve.

@ critic

They got such a short time because they weren't convicted of murder.
Because most of these were effing *accidents* not people out to intentionally take a life.


Laura Bush is a celebrity?

@ jacasa

jacasa yes she is she was First Lady for 8 years


All of these murders who have not been punished under the law, will definitely will be punished on judgement day and as a lot of people have said, this brandy girl looks like a cock-roach.

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