Click through some of the more surprising feuds in recent Hollywood history.

Why do these famous folks not get along? For many different reasons...

Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace wondered aloud on Twitter whether pot was to blame for a guy killing his wife. Seth Rogen replied that the anchor is a "dumbass."
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Seth Rogen is obviously another actor who shouldn't talk without a script.


Sinead O'Connor is a rock legend. When someone with that type of career gives a young pop star advice..especially a young pop star who is disrobing every chance she can get just for attention..instead of actually earning the attention with talent..then you should listen up and be thankful for it.


I think I lost some brains cells clicking through that


Seth Rogan is the face of the Hypocrite Pot Head.


I hate Joan, but she is the queen of the world compared to the Kum Face Klan.