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Don't worry, fans, this season of Scrubs is gonna be REALLY funny.

Not that it would be possible for the shananigans of JD, Turk, Dr. Cox and the crew not to be hilarious, but star Zach Braff is reassuring anyway.

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"We just finished the first episode and there's lots of prosthetic make-up in the first episode. Last year, we sort of got really silly and random, and we call it the stoner humor. We did a little more of that, and the fans loved it. We had our best ratings ever. The feeling is this will probably be the last year, so we're all just sort of going for it," Braff said while promoting his new film, The Last Kiss.

As far as guest appearances go, Braff is really hoping to get a former Arrested Development character on. So are we, Zach. So are we.

"The one person I want right now is David Cross. I wanted David Cross to come on as Tobias Funke ... I love that character, and the fact that character is over for good, I want him to at least have one more little life."

Besides working on Scrubs, Braff has been rumored to play Fletch in Fletch Won, which predates the first seven books in the series. It follows the early days of the title character's journalism career as a junior reporter in his 20's.

"I don't know. Bill Lawrence is definitely writing and directing Fletch, and there's a good chance I'll do it ... The books aren't as wacky and silly as the Chevy Chase movies were, so there was talk for awhile of going back to the books and not having that level of comedy in them, and Bill and I both disagreed.

"That's what made the movie so great. It's one of the most quoted movies ever, especially by guys. Why would you not tap back into what's funny about that?"

In the meantime, The Last Kiss opens on Friday, September 15.

Hey! According to rumors, that's the day after Britney Spears gives birth to her second baby. So that's nice.

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He's not blonde. He doesn't straddle every guy with two feet. And he's not unnecessarily using up oxygen from the planet.

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So stop comparing Zach Braff to Paris Hilton!

The Scrubs star was on The Late Show with David Letterman this week - and he wasn't his usual jolly self. Braff seemed upset at how the tabloids have made him out to be a heavy party-goes since the public break-up with Mandy Moore.

"I lead a pretty boring life - I sit at home, I'm on the Internet, I eat cereal - that's a typical night for me," Braff said.

"Here's how the whole thing works. I actually decided, ‘Maybe I'll go out. It's the summertime, I'm off from Scrubs.' So I go out a little bit and they write all about me being this crazy party guy, like I'm Paris Hilton or something. I'm like the male Paris Hilton."

Perish that thought, J.D. Unless you have a sex tape of you answering the phone while getting it on with Turk, you're nothing like that hotel bimbo.

Braff continued to lament the nature of some in the media:

"So then I'm like, ‘I don't like that. I don't like being in the tabloids, so I'm just going to stay home. I'm going to be a homebody, I'm going to write'. A week later a tabloid comes out with - ‘Zach Braff Will Not Leave His Home!' You can't win! I just gave up on it."

The man makes a good point. But The Gossip has just one thing to say on the matter: Zach Braff Cannot Win!

Read all about it here.

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Okay, so Jessica Simpson just fired her agent - does that mean she can't have a new man in her life?

Terrible Singer

Rumors of a mystery Simpson squeeze are swirling after Jessica accompanies a few friends at L.A. night club, Hyde, last weekend.

The singer was on a triple date Saturday night. She was with her hairdresser, Ken Paves, and his boyfriend, along with best friend CaCee Cobb and her new boyfriend, Scrubs star Donald Faison.

But the gossip mills were only focused on Jessica and the new guy of her own.

"Jessica was very touchy-feely with him," says a club source, who claims the two kissed at their table. "They were lovey-dovey. It seemed like she really liked him."

Hmm ... a Simpson rep insists she is "not dating anybody," and a source close to the singer tells People magazine: "She is really enjoying the single life."

Meanwhile, on Friday night, the gang attended a Justin Timberlake concert. You know, the one Lindsay Lohan was NOT invited to. We just wanted to point that out again.

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Look, Zach Braff, we know you're still hurting from your break-up with Mandy Moore. She's a babe.

And singing about one's feelings is often an effective way to heal. But must this be done in public? In lieu of the typical, hilarious banter on your Emmy-nominated show, Scrubs?

Scrubs Cast Photo

We air such a concern because has announced the sitcom will air a musical episode sometime in 2007. The Tony Award-winning composers of "Avenue Q" will write the songs.

And we're sure they'll be lovely, Grammy Award-winning, perhaps.

But this is a TV show! The funniest one on TV! Give us The Todd slapping everyone five over the following general plot described below:

"A woman comes into Sacred Heart, our hospital, complaining that she constantly hears music, yet all her tests come back normal. Is she just crazy? Or is something else going on?" Debra Fordham, a supervising producer for Scrubs, said.
Avenue Q won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2004. Puppets play a big role in it.

In the end, we're confident the episode will still garner a few laughs. But we fear it's just Braff's way of sticking it to Mel Gibson. That guy hates musicals!

Fordham went on to say that Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx will write "the big opening number, the act break and the finale. The fourth one is a song about a stool sample!"

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