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For a Potterhead like myself, the world seemed to come to a slight screeching halt when the last movie came out. What were we going to do? What did we have to look forward to?

Thankfully Pottermore was announced in 2011, and the magical anticipation was renewed. Then this past year, Playstation got in the game and Sony brought Pottermore to Playstation Home.

You can walk through Diagon Alley and unlike the Google Maps Harry Potter Universe, this is all interactive. Go have your wand choose you in Olivanders and visit the Weasley twins in their shop. 

You can ride the Hogwarts Express, visit the Great Hall, and after you've linked your Pottermore account, you can even hang out in your House's Great Room.

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Attention, Harry Potter fans: J.K. Rowling's latest chapter in this iconic saga is open for business.

But not for everyone.

The handful of fortunate fans who received early access to the Beta version of this interactive website can now cycle through it. They're encouraged to share their thoughts on the "different elements" of the creation and to recommend improvements, as all will be welcomed to the site in October.

Pottermore Pic

What does it look like at the moment? How can you register in the fall? Visit Pottermore right now and find out!

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It's confusing, but intriguing - and it's got J.K. Rowling behind it, so we have no doubt it will be imaginative and successful.

We're talking, of course, about Pottermore, the author's latest creation, first teased last week and now explained in more detail. In a new video, the woman behind Harry Potter says the website will be a "reading experience unlike any other."

It will center around Rowling's iconic novels, with users playing a key role. It will also be the exclusive destination for one to purchase digital audio books and e-books. The site opens in October, but visitors can check in on July 31 and learn how they can gain early access.

"I will join in, too, because I will be sharing additional information I have been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter," Rowling teases here:

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This and the final Harry Potter trailer in the same 24 hours? In. Sanity.

Pottermore, a new, mysterious website connected to Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling, has fans into a frenzy. Mostly because no one knows what it is.

Whatever Pottermore is, we’ll have to wait until June 23 to find out.

J.K. Rowling will be making an announcement about it then. So far, all we can tell you is that it’s not another book, but "Rowling’s new project."

Pottermore Picture

Pottermore is shrouded in mystery and excitement.

A special Pottermore-themed YouTube page is already counting down the seconds as we speak, teasing “The owls are gathering. Find out why soon.”

There’s also a Pottermore Twitter account, which hasn't revealed much, other than calling attention to a puzzle and the aforementioned YouTube page.

The plot thickens. Why ARE the owls gathering, do you think? Sound off ...

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