Victoria Gotti to Join The Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast?!

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It's been over two years since Victoria Gotti got fired from on Celebrity Apprentice, and now it seems the daughter of the Teflon Don may finally be ready to return to the world of reality TV.

With Teresa Giudice possibly headed to prison and the show tanking in the ratings, The Real Housewives of New Jersey producers have reportedly offered Gotti a lucrative deal to join the cast full-time next season.

Victoria Gotti and Teresa Giudice

Victoria dropped a bombshell revelation on last night's RHONJ, adding some much-needed drama to an otherwise lackluster season.

Bravo execs reportedly fell instantly in love after seeing Gotti's interactions with the rest of the cast and they now believe she'd be a perfect fit for the Housewife franchise's most sleaziest iteration.

Gotti, of course, is no stranger to living her life in front of a camera crew. She's made RHONJ cameos in the past and she was featured along with her three sons in the 2004 A&E series Growing Up Gotti.

The show didn't last long, but with their blow-out hairstyles and sculpted ab obsessions, the Gotti boys helped kick start a highly profitable (albeit regrettable) cultural revolution.

It makes sense that their mother is looking to cash in on the Guido trend before it dies out entirely, and RHONJ could certainly benefit from her (relative) star power.

Here's hoping Andy Cohen and company will make Victoria an offer she can't refuse.


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