LeAnn & Eddie: Filmed in Rented House So People Think They're Rich, Source Says

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LeAnn & Eddie is a ratings disaster, and it's almost certain that there won't be a season 2, but fortunately Rimes and Cibirian have chosen to script and rehearse just about every scene, so they'll be able to escape the mess without too much damage to their reputations.

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In order to help keep up appearances, the couple even pretended a rented Malibu mansion (probably paid for by VH1) is their actual home!

"That house ups the glamour and makes LeAnn and Eddie look like they're living the high life," says a source close to the production. 

"They want people to think they're rich, but the truth is they live in a much older, rustic house and definitely aren't swimming in money."

A rep for LeAnn confirms that the house does not belong to her and Eddie, but claims the couple chose to film in swankier digs so as not to "disrupt [Eddie's sons] by shooting at the real house." Riiiiight.

So in order to not "disrupt" the kids LeAnn and Eddie just took off to go live in a different house for six weeks? Sounds like some solid parenting.

It's interesting to see these two BS-ing their audience about an actual home. Usually, LeAnn just lies about being a homewrecker.


these two are just pathetic. . .


Watched one episode of that show, wanted to gouge my eys out. Tf makes them think they're interesting? LeAnn has an annoying voice, and my head hurts when I look at Eddie's eyes.


Guys...he had moved out of Brandi's house and she admittedly said she had had an affair also after he left...don't make him the target or Le Ann..Brandi by what you read was always a drunk when she was modeling in Europe and they didn't have a good marriage, he's trying to keep a good relationship with his boys..would you want Brandi to mother your kids ( or as she calls them- little fuc*ers)???

@ Lolo

Hey! Hey! Hey! Then Mr. Eddie should have moved out before porking Leann. Right? You are a dingbat

@ gues

dumb arse...he moved out before he started seeing LeAnn..talk about ding bats...and Brandi also had an affair when he moved out...


Wow! The author is an ass-h; give 'em a break - they love each other, and besides, Eddie's ex-wife is no day at the beach, she seems to be heel on drunk wheels.

@ give it a rest

Then go love each other in private


That's what she gets for cheating on her husband. That's what he gets for cheating on his wife.


She is the ugliest person inside and out! Everyone on the planet knows that Eddie is only with her for her money.


I like the show. Live and let live. I rather see them than low life Brandi on RHOBH!

@ Roxee

Please Leann - get a life


Wow. SOMEBODY (this author) sounds a little bitter. Did Leann or Eddie do something to you once or something? Neither of them are the first people to ever cheat on their spouses and then get married, yet so many trolls want to brand her with the Scarlet Letter. I'm not team Leann or team Brandi, but in my opinion, Brandi is a bitter shrew and Leann is just a little insecure and for good reason with people like this "writer" and half the public ridiculing her and calling her names because she fell in love. You're all ridiculous and really should get over yourselves and your righteousness. BTW, the love of my life cheated on me and married the girl so I guess I'm in Brandi's shoes, yet I'm not letting it destroy me and I'm not hellbent on making everyone around us hate the "new" girl. SMDH at all of you.

@ snokb04

they're married and that's all the counts. Brandi is just bitter. She's going to end up like Jennifer Anniston still talking about it 10 may 20 years from now. Get over it.. You can't heal and move forward in a healthy relationship if you just keep harping and harping on this. He cheated on you Brandi. We know, we know, we know. Now put on your big girl panties and move on.


how can she be broke, my God she made millions and millions

@ Lori

Do u believe everything u read?


Done by choice, they do not want people to see the real dump they live in. She is such a fake. Given a chance she would cheat again.

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