LeAnn Rimes: I'm Not a Homewrecker! I Don't Steal Kids!

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On last night's episode of LeAnn & Eddie, we saw LeAnn Rimes struggling to make amends with the father and former manager that she once sued into oblivion.

It was a welcome change of pace, as at this point in her "career," LeAnn is more famous for destroying other people's families. 

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As part of the endless promotional tour for her low-rated VH1 reality show, LeAnn recently gave yet another interview to People magazine in which she defended herself against charges of stealing another woman's husband and trying to slowly morph into Brandi Glanville:

"People are always trying to make it a story of me being a homewrecker and trying to take someone else's kids," said LeAnn. "They take the love I have for my family and twist it around in some weird, sick away."

The important thing to remember here is that no one "twists it around" quite as much as LeAnn.

She and Eddie married back in 2011, yet Rimes still trashes Glanville every chance she gets and uses the term "homewrecker" in every interview.

It's worth noting that no one held a gun to LeAnn's head and forced her to star in a reality show in which her affair with a married man would be a frequent topic of discussion. Just sayin'. 


Leann is all about about Leann. When she won an award for singing the song "Blue" she could not even bother to thank the original writer of the song, Bill Mack.


So is this how it would have been in the Angela, Brad, Jennifer love triangle had Jenn and Brad had children.....


OMG she is such the liar., she was on twitter saying (MY) children are this and (MY) kids are that and so on and so on purposely trying to hurt Brandi and that is a cra-cra $itch. Leann is weird, evil spirted, and jealous as He## of Brandi., she has to mention Brandis name in every episode. My friend records it then watches it later and he now is sick of it and will not watch it again ( trust me he is sorry he wasted his time) He says Eddie seems so uncomfortable with Leann and very unhappy....hmmmm I wonder why :)


Listen up, MORON! When you hooked up with Eddie, you knew he was married AND he knew he was married....DUH. Congratulations! You're, BOTH, home wreckers! BOTH of you destroyed two children's lives and YES you take WAY too many liberties with SOMEONE else's children!


You can NOT steal anyone away from anyone.. Eddie could have told her NO, i"m happily married and so fourth.. Why put all the blame on Leann.. Eddie did the tango just as much as Leann did "AND" Eddie had kids so put the blame where it belongs, on EDDIE, he screwed up his marriage when he could have simply said NO, i'm married.

@ Blacky Panther

Though I agree that Eddie should be to blame as well, I think both of them should have waited until Eddie was completely separated or better yet, officially divorced. Instead they consummated their relationship while Eddie was still married with small children. Disgusting. Nothing I hate more is dishonesty. Just be honest to your partner and admit defeat; it's over... let's separate. THEN you can get your groove on with someone else.


The sad truth is that i think most of the general public's issues with Leann is her complete lack of respect for those children. she says that they are her family then it should go with out saying that brandy herself is then her family as well since she is the mother to those children. what Leann has done is try and instill her self into the kids lives as though she in fact where the mother to these kids without any respect for the boundaries that are on-spoken and laid out to a step-parent. Leanne takes sick pleasure in knowing that she slept with and married another woman's husband and relishes every opportunity to try and rub it in Brandi's face that just as she didn't respect her marriage she doesn't respect her rights as a mother. the really pathetic part is that everything Leann says and does screams insecure child with issue. the sad part is this is incredibly abusive mentally and emotionally to the children and is not going to turn out well for them. congratulations Leann you are now a home-wrecking, child abusing, anorexic, talent-less, manipulator. she really needs serious therapy and to get right with god. on the same note we can not forget the Eddie is just as much a part of this abuse to his children as Leann and is just as narcissistic he didn't slip on a banana peel into Leann's bed he ran there because he didn't care who he hurt,


she didnt steal anyones husband, that would be impossible to do! i can see why eddie ran from that nutcase brandi! i think leann and eddie look happy together.

@ Baby Doll

spoken like someone who has slept with her fair share of married individuals. if Leann hadn't been so willing to spread her thighs for a man she knew had a wife the affair would have never happened Eddie could have divorced his wife and the drama that is playing out now could have been avoided. besides its not about weather she stole someone else husband as much as her complete lack of empathy or compassion for the woman she helped to cause so much pain to, add in her inappropriate behavior over stepping her bound with the those kids just to hurt Brandi more and that just make her, well, cheap and pathetic.

@ grittytruth

Spoken like someone with commonsense actually. If Brandy weer the great wife she proclaims Eddie wouldnt have been looking around. Brandy gave up her right to complain ab Leannes involvement w/ her kids when she settled on half-custody, knowing Eddie (claiming Eddie) didnt do anything as a father when he was married to her. Cant have it both ways


If anyone could sabotage LeAnn Rimes' career, it is her. And she clearly has. Does she ever sing anymore?

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