Kim Kardashian: BANNED From Brody Jenner's Birthday Party!

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Both parties have denied the existence of a Brody Jenner-Kim Kardashian feud, but actions speak louder than words. and it's clear from their recent activities that there's some serious bad blood between these two.

First Brody skipped Kim's wedding, with the lame excuse that he had to work that weekend. Then, Brody attended the wedding of Reggie Bush, whom Kim dated for on and off for three years.

Yesterday, in what may have been the biggest eff-you of all, Brody threw a massive party for his 31st bithday...and invited the entire family except for Kim and her mom, Kris Jenner.

Kim at Teen Choice Awards
Brody Jenner Red Carpet Picture

And sources say it wasn't a case of Kim's invitation getting lost in the mail. Brody sent a very clear message that he didn't want his half-sis at his shindig:

"There was never any thought to even invite Kim,” a source revealed. “Publicly the two will say there is no feud, but that is all for keeping up the appearance of having a big extended family for the sake of the reality show."

"Brody never sees Kim except when they are filming and the two aren't even considered friends."

Some have even suggested that Brody booked Kim's favorite venue for the party - the Polo Lounge at the Beverly hills Hotel - simply as a big middle finger to Kim.

They can deny it all they want, but we think it's safe to say these two do not get along.


I saw pictures of the party and only Kyle and Kendall were there. Bruce was there also and Brody's mother and siblings. That was hardly a huge shindig. It was more a birthday dinner.


she forgot to buy a present?


Maybe he wanted everyone to have a good time without the attention seeking drama queens.... Can you really blame him?

@ Aussie cathie

She lets him on the show when he needs money. He's jealous because he was the first to do a reality show except he never became famous. Probably because he was too lazy to show up for work most days. Now he's just an ex-reality star like Paris Hilton and they both are "DJs". Both Paris and Brody are getting a bit old to be hanging out in clubs every night. It might be time to grow up. Plus none of the Kardashians went to the party because it was just his family, so only the two little Jenner girls went. Kim is NOT related to him by blood, she his stepsister, not half-sister. They never hung out because Miss Bruce pretty much deserted his kids when they were young.

Ken 69

Good for him. Banish the Interloper.

@ Ken

If you want to see bad plastic surgery, check out Brody's mother Linda Thompson. She's the one who turned his father Bruce onto plastic surgery and now he looks like Brody's grandmother.


"he didn't want his half-sis at his shindig:" Get it straight "Kardashian Gossip" - she is a step sister. No blood relation.

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