Tamra Barney Bullies Fan Online, Dismisses Cast Mates as "Boring"

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Tamra Barney will be a grandmother soon, but that doesn't mean the Real Housewives of Orange County star is ready to settle down and take up knitting. In fact, it seems the 46-year-old gym owner is in full-blown attack dog mode these days. 


Tamra's most recent trouble started over the weekend when she posted a Facebook rant accusing an unnamed party of "entitlement mentality mixed with a superiority complex mixed with control freak tendencies."

A fan by the name of Jonell M. Potter Yates interpreted the remark as a shot against Tamra's co-star Heather Dubrow.

"U are not trustworthy and then u try to blame Heather!!" wrote Yates. "They need to can your a-s! Nothing but a sh-t stirrer!"

Rather than laughing the comment off, Tamra lost it on Yates and harshly criticized her cast mates in the process:

"HAHA...Let's think about this?" Tamra wrote. "Am I really a sh-t stirrer or a cast mate making the show worth watching? Let's face it, without me and Heather, the show would be pretty boring!"

"There is only so much bathing suit making, doggies, and robot babies you can watch before it gets boring and you turn to something better."

Having sufficiently insulted most of her cast mates, Tamra then turned her attention to Yates.

"So Jonell M. Potter Yates, I think you should start working out! It really does help with being a b-tch!"

Yeah, the grandma-to-be still has a quick temper on her. Good thing no one asked about the rumors that Tamra is getting fired.

As always, you can watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online at TV Fanatic for more irrational rage!

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so those few fans are out now?

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