Petrified Dog Refuses to Go Down Stairs: Move That Cat!!!

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Perhaps we've had it wrong all along, people.

As evidenced by a recently-posted video, cats aren't so scared of things after all.

And dogs? Dogs are sometimes far more fearful than their feline frenemies, especially when faced with... well... cats.

Take the case of Chevy, a Golden Retriever who is trying to make his way down some stairs in the following footage, only to be faced with his worst nightmare: a cat!!!! 

What is a dog to do? Step over it? What if it attacks?!? Can't someone help this petrified pup out?!?

In kind of related news, this dog is fascinated by a door stopper.

We do pity the stair-fearing canine, though. We're assuming he was just trying to make it to the living room so he could watch some TV...

Controlling the Remote
It's been a long day. Just let me unwind for a few minutes before I start dinner, okay?

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