Chris Brown Throws Up Gang Signs in LA Club?

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Chris Brown was released from jail in early June, and the troubled R&B star vowed he never get locked up again.

His plan was simple: stay sober and eliminate gang influences from his life.

Less than a month after his release, however, he's already broken the first rule (Brown got drunk after the BET Awards on Sunday), and now it seems he's on his way to violating rule number two:

That's Chris throwing up gang signs the same night he was later spotted getting carried out of the club.

Experts say Brown's gestures are specific: he's indicating his involvement with the Fruit Town Pirus - an offshoot of the notorious Bloods.

Prior to his latest lock-up, Chris was using the Pirus name in his graffiti tags and TMZ reports that several Piru members lived with Brown at the time of his arrest. 

When and how Chris (who's been famous since his teens) came to be involved with the gang is unknown, but his commitment seems to be strong. 

If it's found that Brown is associating with known criminals, it could easily land him back behind bars.

Looks like that plan to stay out of trouble isn't going so well. 


Real smart, dumb-ass!!! You must really want to go back to jail, don't you? And on top of that, you're making yourself a target.

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Chris should try to act nice at least until the trial.I'm a big Chris Brown fan but sometimes he act so stupid.

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no, just showing his friends what he loved to with russell 'sick' brand.

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Loser!!! Some people just need to be in jail. He's a menace to himself and the community.

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