Justin Bieber Posts, Deletes Photo of Selena Gomez, Briefly Claims: Our Love is Unconditional

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Justin Bieber gave Jelena fans a reason to be both confused and excited last night.

The singer briefly posted a new picture of his head being cradled by Selena Gomez on Instagram, including with it a caption that stated: "Our love is unconditional."

He later deleted both the image and the accompanying words, however.

Selena Gomez on Justin's Instagram

But not before the photo was forever captured by the Internet and not before “Justin and Selena” started to trend worldwide on Twitter.

Was it ever legitimate? Like Kris Jenner's hacked Twitter, could someone have possibly broken into Justin's account and done this?

We have many questions following this unexpected act... but that's really nothing new when it comes to Bieber and Gomez.

The two have definitely used Instagram to announce their reconciliation before, running this photo of a shirtless Justin cuddling with Selena last April, for example.

But this relationship would make a roller coaster appear calm and stable.

A temporary reconnection earlier this year allegedly ended terribly, amidst rumors of Bieber cheating on Gomez. With a Jenner sister, no less!

Gomez has gone on to pose for many happy Instagram photos by herself, talking about reclaiming "power" and seemingly trying to move on from JB.

The Biebs, conversely, has been having a lot of supermodel sex. Or at least trying to.

We'll keep readers fully apprised of their status moving forward, but first respond:

Do you want to see Jelena back together?


I would just let them be ..I mean it's their life and their choices.... no hate...

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I would just let them be it's their life and their choices

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I read an article recently on Selena's serious condition with Lupus and that she had a miscarriage back in 2012. If any of that is true, it does explain the intimate connection that they have with each other. Maybe Justin's acting out in unproductive ways is how he copes with loss. They are both too young to be parents, along with getting their careers back on track. I hope the best for the tow of them as a couple and think couples counseling would definitely help. Maybe they should get in touch with Dr. Phil, privately. Stay strong you two. My prayers are with you both.

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He's been making a fool out her for a long time. She can't save him, he will destroy her life. It's painful to watch. He is the poster child for little man complex. Shes gorgeous, he can't be the man she wants, too insecure. She's headed for drug addictions and eating disorders. Maybe even cutting and promiscuous behaviour, nothing good comes from insecure people tearing each other down. She was probably raised with very traditional values. She gave her virginity to him, that means more than it should in an abusive relationship Its another tool for him to abuse her with. Clearly, his own values don't place much weight on chastity or virtue. Im shocked better young men arent rioting to get her attention. Clearly, she's the whole package, delux edition. Wake up guys.

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They are really not meant to be! Selena is just tired of her life, so she moves to Justin.

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