The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Reviews: Should You Swing Into It?

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Reviews for the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are in - and they are positively glowing.

Come on, who doesn't love Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

But the reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 itself? They are also in... and they aren't exactly as positive. Peruse a sampling below and decide if this is a film worth swinging into over the weekend.

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Overstuffed plot and too many villains, but the visual effects pop, and Garfield/Stone are still better than Maguire/Dunst. - Richard Roeper

When Garfield conceals Peter's confused-angry- betrayed scowl beneath that shiny red mask, Spider-Man 2 summons the giddy derring-do of the best Iron Man offerings. It's a good movie that could have been great. - Robert Wilonsky

The new Spider-Man series has managed to do in two films what the previous Spider-Man series did in three: transform an engrossing comic-book coming-of-age epic into an overstuffed and off-putting battle royale. - Michael Sragow

The film is a tad too long… there might have been too many chefs in the writing kitchen. With screenplay credits totaling three and “screen story” by credits totaling four, the audience can feel the plot wander at times. - Joel Amos

The whole thing is starting to feel like a Ponzi scheme. 'Come see the latest adventure! Don't worry if it's not great - the next one'll dazzle you!' But that's what you said last time. - Eric D. Snider

Its web is half-spun and all you're gonna be left with at the end is an empty box of popcorn and the filmmaker's sad sense of tired complacency. - Elias Savada

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