Madonna: Naked Selfie Reveals Plastic Surgery Scar?

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Madonna has been nearly nude on Instagram several times, but today she posted a full-blown naked selfie, and the pop icon may have revealed a bit more than she intended to. 

The shot brings to mind the artsy nudity of James Franco: it's vain, pretentious and tells us more about the subject of the photo than they realized when they posted it. 

Madonna: Plastic Surgery Scar?

What makes this pic noteworthy apparent at first glance: seems to just be Madonna in a bubble bath with her back turned to the camera.

But when you take a look behind her right ear, you realize why plastic surgery enthusiasts usually wear their hair down.

Yes, that red mark looks an awful lot like a facelift scar. Naturally we'd never expect someone as modest and humble as Madonna to go under the knife to improve her looks, but you never know these days!

We kid. The photo offers nothing in the way of hard evidence that Madge has had work done, but it's been rumored that she's been receiving enhancements for years, and behind the ear is kind of a strange place to get a scar any other way. 

But who knows. Maybe the Material Girl has aged into an all-natural woman and that constant look of surprise on her face comes from her shock that she's still relevant.  

What do you think? Has Madonna had plastic surgery?


They never put facelift scars in such a prominent position behind the ear like what's in the photo. I'm a hairdresser and I've seen a lot of facelift scars very discreetly hidden, never like what is in the photo. That is not a real scar in the photo. Madonna has had some great work done - give credit where credits due!


Calling this woman "modest_" was pretty much sarcatic though..


She also wears glasses which may cause a red mark behind the ear. I wear glasses and I have a red mark behind my ear and I have not had a face lift. I say you are digging for dirt.


That "red scar" you see there is nothing but a strand of hair loose from her ponytail you malicious twat, she´s a magnificent woman and possibly the last superstar out there, even if she did had (or not) some touch ups doesnt mean you need to be an ageist : Plastic surgery scars are usually placed hidding under the hair FYI, plus even people in their 20s-30s get facelifts nowadays to get a more armonic jawline, it has nothing to with age...(no need to satanize plastic surgery or being older for that matter). Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston among others relatively young stars had lower facelifts ...this article is misogynistic and sad. Why you just don´t write about George Clooney´s several facelifts? or Ryan Gosling 3th nosejob? You are a sexist cunt.


yo its not necessarily plastic surgery if anything i'd say she just a got a facelift which is quite common and really no a big deal


God this is vile site. I mean, really. You pump these people for all you7 can get, but you use them to create absolute rubbish articles to feed the sadism of the stupid bottom feeders. Mental note: Never click on a link from hollywoodgossip again.


ya'll don't know much about plastic surgery. The incisions are made behind the ears in the creases or as close as possible or in the alternative in the scalp which is covered by hair. NOT directly between the two.


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