Lindsay Lohan: Drunk Dance Video Posted to Instagram! Hilarious!

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In her ongoing effort to prove that we should never, ever believe her when she claims to be sober, Lindsay Lohan posted the video below to Instagram last night.

Behold, the dance move of the summer...the Serpentine Cowgirl:

Yes, we heard reports that Lindsay moved to London so that her drunken exploits would be in the headlines less often, but apparently no one told her that in order for that plan to work, she would have to stop posting online photos and videos of herself looking completely s--tfaced!

Rumor has it that Lohan's drug of choice is ecstasy these days, but it seems like the cowgirl's got a bellyfull of good old-fashioned moonshine in this clip.

In case you can't make out the audio, the dude holding the camera introduces Lindsay as his "favorite cowgirl." She then corrects him and informs us that she's a "serpentine cowgirl." 

Good to know! Of course, like the great silent films of old, the dialogue isn't all that important here. 

It's Lindsay's awe-inspiring booze-tastic dance moves that really make the video worth your time.

We'll understand if you need to watch it on repeat in order to  learn the routine yourself. We recommend downing a liter of Jim Beam first.


I don't even like her, but it's pathetic how realistic the media are when a celebrity isn't trendy for the moment. Let her have a song on the top of the charts and you'd be kissing her ass like every other obnoxious female that gets pass after pass.


She needs to take a break from media. Right now they 're all over her shit.get urself together.maybe then people will have positive things to say


Tyler, you are a complete waist of life with no significant talent in writing...if this is a story to you, I'd hate to see what really plays a huge role into your life.......B-o-R-i-N-g


She is not drunk you journalist fuckers! She and her friend are just having a good time. Fuck off you guys!


Why would you call that a drunk dance? The video just shows a woman having fun with her friend, not seeming drunk at all.


15 seconds of video does not make a case. Her show on Own made a case.


hahahahahahahaha, humor.

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