LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Reality Show Clip: The Worst Thing Ever Filmed?

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Is LeAnn Rimes' new VH1 show with Eddie Cibrian the worst thing in the history of time? Or at least the worst reality show idea to actually make it to air in years?

A strong case could be made for both arguments.

Back when a LeAnn Rimes-Eddie Cibrian reality show was first talked about, we rolled our eyes, thinking this couldn't possibly be a thing that appears on TV.

We were wrong. See LeAnn & Eddie clip below:

As reality shows go, you might wanna stick with the old Bravo standbys, or try out I Wanna Marry Harry, which is at least sort of original and hilarious.

This? This is just one awkward hot mess of a show.

In an extended sneak peek that could cause Brandi Glanville to have a nervous breakdown, fans (if they have any) see LeAnn and Eddie discuss kids.

The rundown, as concisely as we can sum it up:

  • LeAnn says she "definitely" wants to wait before having kids
  • We're guessing she does not actually feel this, however
  • She wants to bone more loudly than the baby's crying
  • Everyone around her is pressuring her to have a baby
  • Everyone but Eddie, who clearly doesn't want another
  • LeAnn tries to act cool about it but is annoying

Get hyped.

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It seems that today's entertainers are Not satisfied until they show the "the world" all that there is to their relationships. Is there such a thing as "behind closed doors" anymore. Leann had always been credited for being a popular singer. From the days of The Young and the Restless and other TV shows, Eddie had made a Name for himself.even though his real claim to fame was his torrid affair with Leann while (still) married to Brandi. It appears that this couple's dysfunction is a parallel to the misdeeds of Tori and Dean. Marriage shake up and break up and living it out on reality TV for all to see. A couple of records ago, Leann had a song titled "I don't want to give you back", I believe that Leann's insecurity about Eddie is causing her to use poor judgement about continuing to expose her marriage to the general public. Documenting their marriage for all to see is a sign of desperation combined with being absolutely shameless. A bad move!!

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