Miranda Fugate Hit with Shovel in CRAZY Vine Video: Watch Now!

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Can you say Sharkesiha, Take 2?

In an insane Vine video making the Internet rounds, two girls agree to fight.

They exchange punches, slaps, kicks and taunts before taking a break to talk and then they begin the process over again multiple times.

Neither side backs down... until one pulls out a shovel and toss it into the head of her opponent.

Most of the video has been removed from the Internet, except for all the all-important (read: totally NUTS) shovel throw. See it for yourself here:

The victim later took again to Vine and told folks she’s “doing alright,” even including with her message the hashtag #shovel.”

Sigh. She'll probably get a reality show or something out of this.

Samantha lynn

Guess she should have left the property when asked. She showed up to a girl's house to fight, bringing along a gang of her friends with her, and refused to leave when told. She tried following the other girl into her home, and if she had just left, she wouldn't have gotten a shovel to the back of the head. It was funny to see her go from tough hood rat to crybaby in a heartbeat. Guess she wasn't so tough after all.

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