The Night's King: HBO Accidentally Reveals Major Game of Thrones Spoiler

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Last night's episode of Game of Thrones may have featured a baby being sacrificed and an adult woman seducing a teenage boy, but the thing that really has fans upset is the accidental reveal of a major character's identity that was supposed to remain secret.

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We'll go ahead and warn you now that even if you have read the George R.R. Martin novels upon which the series is based, there are some major GoT spoilers ahead:

Season 4 episode 4 of Game of Thrones ended with a terrifying scene in which a baby is left in the woods, only to be scooped up by a White Walker and transformed.

It's the sort of nightmare-inducing moment we've come to expect from the hit series, but for rabid fans of the books, the scene was hard to watch for a different reason:

The ultimate badass White Walker who steals the baby's soul was revealed in an HBO online synopsis to be the legendary Night's King - a character who has yet to appear in the first five installments of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

The King has been mentioned briefly in the books as a sort of boogeyman used to frighten young children, but by confirming that the first White Walker is alive and well and snatching up babies, GoT broke an unspoken rule by entering territory not yet covered in the books.

If you're not an obsessive GoT fan, this may seem like a pretty minor offense, but since the show has thus far kept pace with Martin's novels and the Night's King may prove vital to the story's conclusion, it's easy to see why some fans feel betrayed and have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure.

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Byyyy the by, there's no way this can actually be a book spoiler. The Night's King was NOT THE FIRST OTHER. He was a human, probably a Stark, and a man of the Night's Watch. He took an Other for his wife (aka Others already existed LONG before he was born, since the Wall was built to keep them out!), declared her his Queen and began a reign of terror over the Nightfort until the King in the North and King Beyond the Wall joined forces to take him down. He might be a wight now, but he's NOT an Other/White Walker. The Others are not undead people, they're an entirely different race to humans. They simply use undead creatures (wights, human and otherwise) as thralls, they themselves are perfectly alive and inhuman. We have NO reason to believe that humans can become Others. Also, the Night's King was found to be sacrificing to the Others, not having sacrifices made to him! If the Other credited as the Night's King is really called that, I'm 99.999999% sure it has to be a different Night's King than the books. The name may not even be canon for the show; are we so sure this online synopsis is an infallible source of canonicity? Let's be real here. The show has been veering down a wildly different path for a long time. "The show is not the books" is practically GRRM's catch phrase by this point (possibly overtaking the very smug "Keep reading", which guess what George, we caaaaan't). Characterisations have been changed, some characters have been totally removed and others' plotlines have been drastically altered, removed, and added to and their timelines changed. GRRM has explicitly said that even some of the seemingly minor changes they've made will mess them up for future plotlines. I'd be very, very surprised if this actually amounted to a spoiler for the books. Like, so surprised I think my face would literally fall off and I'd have to have it shipped to Braavos so the Faceless Men could make use of it. It would be weird and make no sense. And my face falling off would be pretty unusual too.


the cofffee was out?


"since the show has thus far kept pace with Martin's novels" lmfao

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