Miley Cyrus Gives Away New Dog: It's Too Soon...

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Last week on Twitter, not long after her dog Floyd died, Miley Cyrus wondered if she could ever love again.

And today, via that same social media network, she sort of answered her own question: not yet.

In a message to followers, the singer explained why she gave away Moonie, the pet her mom gave to her soon after Floyd passed away from a coyote attack.

Miley Cyrus and Moonie

"Moonie, thank you for giving me so much love, comfort, & peace. It’s just to soon for me right now ♥ #missingmoonie," Cyrus Tweeted this afternoon.

Asked where the cute puppy went, Cyrus replied to a follower:

“my friends mom who has a tiny pup 4 him 2 play with."

So that's good, at least. Little Moonie isn't lonely.

Because Floyd was killed by a coyote, Cyrus added that she's now "scared 2 have a tiny dog" because these animals "depend on you."

The artist has taken the loss VERY hard. She even sang to a statue of Floyd at a concert in Brooklyn the weekend after he passed. See the footage for yourself:

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Its no big secret that Miley can only love herself.


What about her other small dog? It isn't safe either. She has no business being an absentee owner to so many pets. Immature entitled spoiled brat. She is not rescuing animals. She is playing with them when she is home and they die when she is gone. Pathetic.

@ dog lover

That's a little dramatic.I'm sure her dogs are very well cared for.FYI,dogs get taken away by coyotes right in front of their owners.As far as being "immature",it sounds like she did the mature thing and found it a good home.Her mom shouldn't have given an animal as a gift.


Miley herself says she "sees coyotes when she does peyote". Ya can't trust anything a druggie says.


.......coyotes are alway's hungry.

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