Maksim Chmerkovskiy to Julianne Hough: I Didn't "Phone in" Dancing with the Stars Routine!

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Dancing with the Stars feuds have gone hand in hand over the years, but in this case, most fans are likely to be on his side.

The combustible pro is none too pleased at Julianne Hough, who guest judged the ABC hit series this week and hinted that he phoned in his performance.

"You can accuse me of a lot of things," said Maksim.

"You can't accuse me of not working hard enough."

Maks' comments came in response to Hough's accusation that he didn't give it all on Monday's "switch up" episode, when he partnered with Danica McKellar.

Suffice it to say, Chmerkovskiy didn't take kindly to that.

Following the blowup, some social media users suggested that Hough may have been taking sides because her brother Derek is still in competition.

"She said it and now she has to own up to it," said Maks.

It was slightly uncomfortable ... not as much so as Erin Andrews grilling Peta and James about whether they're taking and having a baby, but close.

Danica's 68 points out of 80 leaves her exactly in the middle of the pack - solo fifth out of ninth - headed into next week, when she should be safe.

Why? Because she's Danica, and Maks is Maks. Phoning it in? Really? Tell us what you think of Julianne's comment and whether you agree with her or not ...


why do you all hate julianne? shes been a pro she knows what shes talking about. you guys just bitch because she criticized ypur favorite couple like stfu! why is she fake because she made a comment that wasnt positive, judges say negative things all the time . she didnt do anything wrong. could she have said it nicer yes but is she fake no . yea she mightnot say something bad about her brother because his parent did good . theres no favoritism


Why is she judging her equals anyway. Who is she to critique any of the other pros. She needs to learn some manners and not to say such hurtful things, especially on national TV. She only made herself look bad. Maks seemed to have danced his heart out in that dance.


Julianne should never have been invited to judge, since her brother is in the competition. Would LOVE to see Maks win this year. It's HIS time!


That Julienne whatever she is, this blonde beatch needs to STFU ! Not only she favors her brother who's still in the running and now she'll try to trash everyone ... What a trashy little beatch this blondie has became !


Julianne has made the same stupid comment to Mark Ballas last season. Now she's trying to shame Maks! Even more ridiculous, Julianne rated Nene & Derek's train wreck of a jazz dance very highly! Nene is no match for Danica in terms of dancing. Bitchy Julianne guzzles over Nene & Derek, and gives Danica & Maks a hard time! Julianne is clearly biased towards her baby brother Derek and only gave Nene good comments because of him!


Although I did enjoy the performance of Max & Danaka's dance and have thoroughly enjoyed Max especially this season, I have to admit that Max did not give his all to choreographing a routine for Danaka that would show off her level of dance and abilities. If you look back at the routine from the week before with Val, the difference between the tricks and skill level challenges is clearly evident. Always glad to see the level of expertise and work ethic of Julianne, Derek, and Val, but am thrilled that Max is taking things to new heights with Merryl. To be fair this is the first season I can remember, that he has been paired with one of the favorites to win.

@ Shari Sanders

To be fair, the switch disoriented the pros and celebs. Its Week 1 all over again. Its not the same level of comfort and intimacy as dancing with their original partners.


Julie Hough is going to lose her popularity attacking someone"s work ethics{ Max}.Her brother is such a talented artist and she is throwing a ugly,gloomy shadow on him .I am sure she would not like to hear someone attack her brothers craft.Just like Val did not enjoy hearing it.What happens when you sit in the judge chairs;you turn into a know it all nasty person.You fit in well with the rest of the judges Julie.Glad you are not with Ryan;because he seems like a nice person and does not phone-in his job either by the way.Try going back to that sweet person you used to be a long time ago


he was a call girl that night.

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