Jennifer Aniston: Makeup Free and Still Looking Good!

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Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 45th birthday in February and its a testament to the actress' enduring hotness that she can still go out in public without makeup and look better than stars half her age.

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That's Jen on the set of her new movie Cake, rocking a makeup free face and a frumpy sweater. Okay, she may not look as good as she does at her glammed-up best, but not only is Jen one of the only actresses in Hollywood still enjoying a thriving career in her mid-forties, she could easily pass for 10 years younger!

Jen continues to make headlines for her private life (the latest drama is her possible breakup with Justin Theroux) but she also continues to land plum roles in a wide variety of successful films.

In Cake - the movie she's shooting now the Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington - Jen plays a member of a support group for people suffering from chronic pain. Sounds, um...funny?

But while her acting career has gone through ups and downs like any other, Jen continues to age gracefully and has remained a fan favorite for decades.  

Who knew the woman once most famous for getting dumped by Brad Pitt who go on to become one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses?

Check out a gallery of other stars going makeup-free below:

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Well, let face it she does looks like putting on a few pounds and she does her age. Anyone without make up does not look appealing that includes her too.


hahahahaha......laughed nicely after a long time because of it.
Really funny.


you haven't seen her naked yet.............
tits like tea bags!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Hollywood Gossip got jokes....LOL


Did her publicist pay you to say this?
She looks rough and looks her age.

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