Jay-Z: Cheating on Beyonce With Nicole Scherzinger?

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A "blind item" rumor has gained traction on the Internet today with the claim that Jay Z cheated on his wife Beyonce with singer and former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger.

The unsubstantiated claim originated on the blog Crazy Days and Nights in its "Blind Items Revealed" section. 

"Before there was [Scherzinger's ex] Lewis Hamilton," the post reads. "There was this A+ list rapper/producer/everything else who was engaged at the time but made sure our female celebrity/singer was well taken care of....Nicole Scherzinger/Jay-Z."

This isn't the first time the "Drunk In Love" couple has been rocked by charges of infidelity.

In August of 2013 a little-known female rapper named LIV claimed that Jay hit on her in a club but she rebuffed his advances. 

"Jay hit me on some, 'I'll hit you when I'm in town' while he is married to Beyoncé,'" LIV said in a radio interview. "For me, I'm not that chick."

Jay and Beyonce are currently the hottest couple in the world of hip-hop and R & B. They're heavily featured on one another's most recent albums and their daughter Blue Ivy Carter turned 2 in January.

Neither Jay-Z not Beyonce has responded to the rumor yet, and it's unlikely that either will, given the wild and thus far unsupported nature of the allegation. 


Why is everyone in such a state of shock or disbelief that there could be infidelity in their relationship? They are humans with real problems too (despite their PR agenda to appear to be invulnerable to real life). Even though they stay silent about rumors or conveniently pose for media photos doing regular shit to debunk rumors, smart people have to know there is at least some truth to those stories. It's very unlikely that everyone else is lying when the stories are the same!!!


Jayz is a foolish man because he is a father and got a lovely wife but now he think iz a player first it was rihanna now iz nicole he dont know wat he want in life sharp


Got stop with the rumors involving Nicole. Lewis Hamilton cannot afford distractions away from the racetrack this early in the Formula 1 season.


Not true. Presently, Nicole is with Lewis. Back in 2006, Nicole was with some white dude from The Hills. She also doesn't have a camel obsession.
Tyler, you could have inserted Selita Ebanks, Kerry Washington, or any other girl in place of Nicole Scherzinger but you just have to drag in Nicole.
Get a life!


Well all this crap worked on Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow so now they are trying for Beyoncé and Jay z. All this is just miserable people making other people miserable.


Ofcourse JayZ does Cheat so is not new or news


This story is sooo misleading jay messed with Nicole in 2006, like the privous stories said, plus bey and jay were on break. Atop trynna make this rumor sound like its happening now . also the liv story she said he hit on her, in Miami back in 2007. He wasn't even married, their anniversary is tomorrow, stop created drama where its not needed.


she's a WWF-fan: Save The Chimps?

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