Nikki Ferrell Ripped For Taking Juan Pablo Galavis' Crap By Ex-Boyfriend

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The Nikki Ferrell of old would never have put up with the kind of stuff Juan Pablo is subjecting her to now, according to her ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill.

The 26-year-old pediatric nurse has stood happily by her man, despite The Bachelor's refusal to propose or even say he loves her in a public setting.

Critics have questioned the relationship of Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell, as many also feel he's just a jerk. No one is more surprised than Ryan.

"Knowing her like I do, I'm surprised Nikki acted like everything was fine during After the Final Rose," her ex-boyfriend says in the new issue of Us.

McDill dated the would-be reality star for a year until last July.

That post-finale special was when Nikki Ferrell told host Chris Harrison that Galavis has not said he loves her. He didn't seem in a hurry too then, either.

"She normally wouldn't take that s--t from a guy," McDill adds.

"The Nikki I know would have slapped him and walked out."

Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley
Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley in their final face to face moment ever. It was not pretty.

Clare Crawley and Andi Dorfman basically did just that, earning praise from The Bachelor fans who had become tired of Juan Pablo's antics this winter.

They didn't slap him physically, but they dressed him down with their words in compelling fashion, leaving many to wonder ... how can Nikki take this?

Friends of Juan Pablo say he tends to cast a spell on the women he's with.

Says one source close to him, "Girls who date Juan do what he wants."

Even sticking by him while he's already cheating on her? We'll see.

For that reason, the version of Nikki Ferrell that Ryan McDill dated pre-Bachelor could clearly be a very different person than the one ABC viewers know.

The million-dollar question, of course ...

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Kiss
Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell kiss in a cute photo.

Juan Pablo and Nikki: Will it last?


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