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Andi Dorfman didn’t take crap from Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor (the same can’t be said for Nikki Ferrell, according to the winner’s ex).

Whatever you think of Nikki, Andi infamously dropped Juan Pablo like a bad habit and will soon take her no-nonsense approach to The Bachelorette.

ABC released the first photo of her in the starring role today:

“I am incredibly excited to be The Bachelorette … never did I think this would happen to me!” Dorfman, a 26-year-old Assistant D.A. from Atlanta, said.

“I am looking forward to traveling the world and going on amazing dates with amazing men. And hopefully, one of them ends up being the love of my life.”

Already a fan favorite for being funny, successful, strong and stunningly beautiful, Andi Dorfman took it to a new level on the penultimate Bachelor episode.


After Juan Pablo made inappropriate comments during their “nightmare” overnight date, Andi gave him the third degree like she’d cross examine a witness.

Andi Dorfman as Bachelorette: Good Choice?

While the cameras rolled, Dorfman told off El Bachelor in epic fashion. Clare Crawley only wishes she could go back and do the same thing.

After The Bachelor breakup to end all breakups, Andi peaced, but eesss okay, she’ll get her chance to hand out roses and Nikki wants to be with him somehow.

Tune into The Bachelorette May 19 to see if Dorfman finds somebody better this time around. Think she’s the right girl for the role? Vote in our poll …

Andi Dorfman as The Bachelorette: Good choice?