Leah Messer, Daughter Ali Reveal "Medical Miracle": She's Still Walking!

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In the wake of all the drama, stress and heartbreak surrounding daughter Ali Simms’ tragic diagnosis, Leah Messer says the toddler is defying doctors’ predictions.

The Teen Mom 2 star's offspring isn't just mobile, she's nearly running these days, despite doctors saying she'd likely require a wheelchair soon, and for life.

It's possible she will indeed be bound to a wheelchair, but for the time being, she's carrying on and making progress with no need of such assistance at all.

Leah Messer Calvert, Ali

In a recent interview, Leah and ex-husband Corey Simms, said they are going to remain positive despite the muscular dystrophy that has hampered her.

“Ali is running!” gushed Leah. “She’s doing so much better than expected. We don’t know what the future holds, but this is proof that we should not give up hope.”

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that Corey, 24, "refuses to accept" Ali’s condition, especially as the little girl seems to be doing so well.

“Until the day she doesn’t walk, I’ll never think she won’t,” he stated, considering anything else defeatist and sounding more optimistic than in denial,

He also said that he not only has hopes for a normal childhood for his daughter, but a normal adulthood; he wants to walk Ali down the aisle one day.

Will Corey get that chance? Our fingers are collectively crossed at THG.

Either way, the couple deserves praise for how they are handling this.

Simms is remarried, to Miranda Patterson. Leah Messer, 21, is now married to Jeremy Calvert. Yet the exes remain a united and dedicated front for the girls.

Leah previously expressed that though the devastating disease has been very hard, she has no intention of making her daughter feel any different.

“I try not to show any emotion in front of her,” Leah admitted.

“So if I do get upset about it, it’s when she’s asleep.”

Kudos, mom, for a job well done day in and day out.


If it truly is MD genetic testing would required before either parent should reproduce again!


It is painful to watch these families ignore the other twin and baby. No one is taking the time with them and I only see Jeremy holding his child while everyone focus and talks about Ali and no one has any kind word or love for the other twin who is left alone even Corey does not pick her up and love her any and all Leah does is yell at her and send her to the room. You have Corey and Leah talk talk talk about Ali's latest. There sits Jeremy and Miranda who look like they want to run away. The twin starts to act up and she gets sent to her room. Some one needs to send Leah and Corey to their separate rooms till they figure out how they are going to include the other twin in their lives because by the time she goes to school she will not be able to function in school with other kids cause she does not know how too.


Yet Leah went on and one how Corey wasnt accepting her illness and I don't believe that was ever the case. Corey unlike Leah kept a POSITIVE attitude like most parents do until presented otherwise. I guess Leah has no faith in anything cuz if she believed in God her attitude would be different. Corey is putting out the positive energy that is needed


johnny walker's words: KEEP WALKING!!

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