Prince George, Kate Middleton & Prince William: New Family Photo Released!

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Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William appear in a new family picture together for the first time since October, and it was worth the wait.

William released the latest family photograph, a charming and stunning snapshot of their 8-month-old baby boy with the family dog Lupo, on Saturday:

Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William Photo

The Duke, 31, and Duchess Kate Middleton, 32, are seen perched by a windowsill at their home, Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, with their son.

Looking happy and flawless as always, Kate holds onto Prince George as he gazes at Lupo, who the heir to the throne has his arm wrapped around.

The royal baby, needless to say, is beyond adorable with his hair growing out and his blue-colored sweater with "George" written across the front of it.

Royals. They're just like us. Sort of.

They do seem quite approachable and down-to-earth as billionaires and future monarchs go. You get the impression you could be friends with the family.

The beautiful family moment was captured by celebrity photographer Jason Bell, who was also on hand for Prince George's christening last fall.

One of the baby boy's first milestones - his first crawl - took place last week at the home of Kate's parents Carole and Michael in Bucklebury, England.

Kids. They grow up so fast.

Prince George will next join the Duke and Duchess in his first-ever public tour in April when the royal family travels to Australia and New Zealand.

His new nanny, Maria Teresa Borrallo, will also attend the three-week adventure, where we can only hope more adorable photographs will be taken.


boring woman, boring husband, boring kid, they look like 50 year olds thats what lazy people end up looking, whats uo with william rolled up sleeves he looks like a plumber, losers!

@ mike

A lot like you comment..BORING


Seriously ? The dog and William again ? William seems more fixed on Lupo. Odd man. Isn't even looking at George. It is a cold photograph. I don't feel overwhelmed like "look at the joy". Kate seems to have a smile that is somewhat forced, her eyes look hard. Enlarge the picture and see.


Not very generous with their country are they ? They've done nothing on behalf of anyone all year. And it took them months to share a photo of George - and then when they do it only shows the side of his face, and just the one photo. What an attitude ! No wonder many in the UK want a republic.

@ Janine

You no more about the UK than I do .. the Republic one is new to me and I live there


my entire failing day is saved by miss kate middleton!!

@ Mister+Baja

You have serious issues.

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