Jon Gosselin: Outraged at Kate Gosselin & TLC, Hopes "No One Watches" New Special

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Jon Gosselin is railing against Kate Gosselin's upcoming TV special with the couple's eight kids on TLC, saying he is outraged and hopes no one watches.

Anyone not see that blistering response coming?

"I was heartbroken to learn my children are participating in yet another TV project, especially an 'update' special," the reality star told E! News.

"Even without a current TV show, they still live a very public life. They're constantly in the media; updates are given practically daily via social media."

Jon's comments come on the heels of TLC announcing a Kate Gosselin reality special to get fans "up to speed on what's changed in the family."

Kate claims the kids are really excited to have the cameras back on them; TLC last visited the famous family over two years ago at this point.

Jon was thrilled back when TLC canceled Kate Plus 8, starring twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.

Now he's "outraged" because TLC and Kate (who he thinks should just f--king die already) "didn't even feel the situation warranted even a phone call to me."

"The special is to update people about their lives," Jon ranted against the network. "Well, there are other people in their life besides their mother."

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"They could have easily incorporated my children's grandparents, aunts, or uncles somehow, even without them appearing on camera, yet chose to exclude them."

"What message does all of this send to my children?"

In any case, he hopes "no one watches the show."

"I'm not being spiteful, I'm worried," he said.

"What if they're unhappy or embarrassed about how they're portrayed? Growing up is hard enough; they don't needed the added pressure of being in the public eye."

"I still continue to desperately hope Kate will realize our children deserve a chance to be free to live a normal life, away from the cameras," Jon added.

Whose side are you on up in here?


And it makes me think that people who want to be private and left alone instead get unwanted attention from others.


Good grief, anything Kate does, Jon is going to gripe about. Why does he want consulted? Why would anyone want to see him, especially with his current attitude. He should be grateful there is money coming in for Kate and his children. As soon as he got caught cheating, he wanted nothing to do with Kate and the Jon and Kate Plus 8. Maybe he doesn't remember that now. The man is brain dead.


Instead of eight is enough, call the show Enough is Enough.


Don't worry, Jon. They probably don't have TV in the restaurant you
are working in as a waiter. You won't have to watch.


If this was just about the children, I'd be all for that, but Kate always has to make herself the center of attention, and that's become difficult to watch because she's become a total egomaniac (if she wasn't alway one but it wasn't noticeable in the beginning), and I feel sorry for anyone having to live with her, especially a child.


'Rage Against The Machine' is back?

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