Brandi Glanville: Lisa Vanderpump "Could BBQ a Baby" and People Would Think it's Cute!

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Lisa Vanderpump is under attack again from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville, who's feeling the backlash herself after her latest Tweet.

In the throes of a season-long feud, Glanville went after her former BFF, Tweeting that Vanderpump "could BBQ a baby and people would think it was cute."

Vanderpump has yet to respond, but plenty of others have. One pissed off fan wrote:

“Holy crap. You’re a b—h and your jealousy of Lisa is palpable (big word, look it up)."

Another added, “WTF is wrong w/ you? Who tweets a comment like that? Disgusting!”

“Brandi you’re scum! Lisa is not the one joking about molestation, you’re a real PIG.”

One RHOBH fan even questioned Brandi Glanville’s parenting skills, urging someone to put in a call to The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS):

“You cannot b serious. Ur a mom? Who let’s this woman keep her kids?? #callDFCS"

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you know this beef has been brewing for months, and that Lisa is not innocent either.

The Brandi Glanville-Lisa Vanderpump feud also includes allegations regarding deportation and bankruptcy, all of which Vanderpump has adamantly denied.

Her meddling in other people's lives sparked a mass revolt, and she even admitted on the reunion special that she can dish it out but can't take it.

Still ... seriously Brandi? You don't think that was going a bit far to make a point?

We gotta ask, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans ...


If Lisa is off RHOBH I won't watch it any more but I will watch ( or give a try ) to another spin-off with Lisa. The Brandi s**t storm has just made it unpleasant and tiring to watch. I used to enjoy reading the blogs but people are attacking each other on a blog for crickets sake! The issue with Brandi ( I'm 58 so maybe it's an age thing ) is she is so disrespectful to herself and other working women. She is crass, gross uncouth, ill-mannered and if she was a man, I'm sure she would have been punched out by now. I still enjoy,a little bit, RHOA, but I won't watch Bravo anymore. They are incapable of a creative story line. Did anyone watch "100 Days of Summer"? It's about Chicago and of course people who are able to attend every social event. CNN has a similar series " ChicagoLand". Bravo should watch it. Now that's a reality show!It


I used to like Brandi but I now see her in her true colours. I hope they drop her from future RHBH, she's not classy at all and to snipe as she does reflects how she views herself. It's not difficult to see why her life is such a mess and the reason her ex did the dirty.. Ditch the bitch, embrace a bar of soap and take a long hard look in the mirror Brandi!!


just try to see the humor of these dated nerds.

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